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Hi all,

Following yesterday adventure the Little Hollow cc contract is complete andit is now a recognised place in rural Alguz, which has stats to influence the game world. Happy to share if anyone wants, just let me know.

Also if people are up for adventures in the area, to build on, and explore plot do let me know and will get stuff sorted.

I would definitely by up for more Little Hollow dungeons as thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays adventure.

Was chatting with Rob yesterday, he expressed a desire to play. I was thinking if maybe some of the highr points people were cool to ref/monster so some of the lower points people could catch up? I'd be happy to ref some stuff. Maybe if we rotated reffing a biy? Thoughts?

More than happy to aref/crew prop etc just need two to three weeks notice. Happy to co-ref but need a bit more notice smile.gif

Happy to monster for the lower levels if I'm free.

Cool, I think we should keep this going at full tilt, I suggest not making them closed (unless it's a special event) to attract more players etc...

I'm up for playing the next one, perhaps pluck out random dates over 2017 once every 6 weeks or something? If the dates massively clash we
can change nearer the time, just try to avoid extended length dates??

I agree - Giles are you happy to share maybe two or three dates every 6 weeks for example in early 2017, and we can get stuff booked. As said I'll def a-ref/monster/help prop and throw in some ideas etc.


Yes, if people suggest dates they can do
I am going to be starting a Little Hollow halfling and am keen to play with others.

Any keen for another Little Hollow themed adventure? I am easy regarding threshold

Yep I can involve myself in some way, my little hollow posse character is 1950 points so would need a 2k - happy to either play something lower with you or if there are enough lower end people I could ref something for you.

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