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With the unfortunate death of Mathew Green we are rather short handed in terms of skilled individuals to hire mercenaries that are not already dealing with other projects.

As such we are hoping that these individuals involved in the initial investigations this past weekend could arrange themselves to continue doing so.
We will again make available your standard potion allowance and pay of 2000 grulls per person.
We will also proide a bonus to those involved shoudl significant actions be perform in the defence of the Empire.

Simon Holder
Scribe to the Inquisition.
To all those that travelled last Starsday,

As most will be aware, we recovered may pages of a diary which seems to have been written by Tyler Wrath's father - its full of loads of complicated ideas and researches involving syllables and such like - and I'm still trying to made head nor tail of it, truth be told. I'll share as soon as I've done so.

I'd bet my last pie that Tyler Wrath was the individual we met outside the tower, who then transported away.

In the meanwhile please see below for a copy of the letter that we also recovered. It makes for quite alarmin' readin' - and I'm sharin' it with the Inquisition, as this is a real threat the the land.




We have managed to find several suitable locations for the ritual of blood and ash. We do not know their faiths yet, but can investigate and find out more.

Port Miere - In the North East of the Island, sitting on the edge of the nacht and sometimes claimed by the mist. it is an old citadel that fell into ruin years ago.

Kasnia - An abandoned keep in their marshes. We believe the Hagreth held it before the circle cleared them out.

Schtoy - A group of what appears to be hedge hold a grove tied to blood sacrifice.

Kanniabad - A cult of demon worshippers held a temple that seems to be attuned correctly.

The Jade Empire - In the South of the Empire, on the border with the lands controlled by the Thun, there is an old shrine to Kami spirits that are tied to secret words.

Thimon - A group of rats that still fight against the Empire have a shrine to Slavik there.

Scarlene - Any of the beggars banquets could be suitable, but we believe that the one in the northern quarter to the North of Turncoat Lane would be best.

Deci - The Drowe in the undercity seem to have begun creating shrines to a demon lord of swords call Modek or Mybus. We will investigate further but this seems potential.

Brokenlands - There is a group of shaman abandoned by their tribes and totems that hold a Henge. This Henge is said to whisper with forgotten secrets.

The Sunless -
To the North of where the Screaming City was, a shrine to the Spiter that still has power. Now may be one of the last chances to use his texts.

May the Shadows be with you.


Have you finished this yet mate, you sind you'd be done by Stars day evening after I got back from the tavern.

Any idea what do next to stop this guy becoming more powerful than me, or shall I have a think about it? Let's go after 'em mate...just you and me! wink.gif

Oh and how exactly did we kill those 3 things that kept returning? Vaguely remember 1 being impervious to angelkind.

All translated Loki - just tryin' to put it in some order. By all means come and help!

We destroyed the rite that was allowin' them to return ( was the one with those three unhallowed words remember).

I'm working on a plan but might need some wizardy help so will be sure to let you know.

Right so, been lookin' into things a bit more.

I'n not sure how useful this will be but below are a few bits cobbled together from the remains of that diary...

Who's Who (or who was who) -

Aserius -
* Owner of diary and author of letter. Tyler Wrath's father.
* Worked for an Institute, as a researcher of texts.
* Wrote dissertation on The Demesne of the Gods.
* Translated the tablet from Far North containing theory of/existence of a Prime Syllable.
* Frequented a club.
* Killed by Alarin.

Josephine -
* Aserius wife and Tyler's Mother.
* Researcher/scholar in her own right - worked together with Aserius on the Prime Syllable.

Tyler Wrath -
* Son of the above. Heir to Aserius research, seemingly big baddie.

Tyler's Sister -
* Mentioned in letter but nowhere else?

Kara -
* Tyler's Aunt.
* Shared a "Rite to protect from interference of gods" with Aserius. Is this a blinkered eye, or variant to only work against spirits?

Artarel -
* Tyler's Aunt (Aserius' older sister), from or lived in Scarlene.

Carethil -
* Friend/partner/husband? of Kara's.

Debury -
* Aserius' unpleasant boss at the Institute, known to be in ill health..

Edwick -
* Female friend of Aserius, helped with research.

Alarin -
* Previously very good friend to Aserius and Josephine.
* Betrayed them, and according to letter responsible for Aserius' death

Now I've looked into them in a bit more detail, and don't have nothin' to share.

Lookin' at everything we have found out and discovered, mainly to do with that letter what I shared detailin' the different places they are lookin' at usin' I think if we get a wriggle on we may be able to visit up to 4 of 'em in a (busy) day. I've also tried a few spiritual divination but there’s no indication of what order the Shadowed Wrath are planin' on doing, and all seem pretty similar in terms of difficulty should we decide to go there.

I would suggest we try to pick three/four to journey to in the not too distant, and I will scry again nearer the time. Its likely that the Shadowed Wrath will either have already made moves to start their plans in these places, so we should expect trouble - they have obviously been spendin' time and effort searchin' for "suitable" places. If we are lucky, we might be able to get there before they do and alter the situation against them in some way. Truly I'm gessin'.

Let me know thoughts soonish and we can get plottin'*


* OOC - Be great to give Lee as much notice as poss where we want to go next adventure.
I'm very keen to ensure the power of the Spiter in this final shrine that is waning is left to fade into nothing in the exostance... I don't relish the idea of someone using the power I have devoted my life to date to assisting God in removing from the world.

After that anything with a demon peeks my interest so khaniabad and Deci.

Right all - tonights the last chance for you to state preferences, otherwise I'll make a call as to which we are visitin' first.

Current suggestions will be taken into account.


Port Miere please Wickster. Nothing's going on there...

Well done by the way.

Looking forward to seeing everyone agai wink.gif

Evenin' all,

Below is what I've discovered about the places of power we are travellin' to tomorrow.

I'm trying to find out a couple 'o bits more but anythin' more than that will alert the attention of those I'm spyin' on - so want to avoid that.

To enable us to gad about and transport around, the Inquisition have an object that will either allow someone that can, to teleport between places, or they have a dagger than can cut a path through the 'Nacht. The latter of these (which I've a feelin' we might be forced to do), won't be without the dangers of travel'in the 'Nacht, but they also have a ritual that can ward travellers against the 'Nacht to a degree but it is tiring to perform.

At each place the shrine, or focus of power, must be cleansed to drive the evil from it.

Sunless – part of the soul wind persists here, while not powerful it would prove annoying. The shrine is held by a group of blauz still loyal to the Spiter.
I've never been there, but know some of you have. Can anyone advise or help against this?

Port Miere – the citadel is away from the city and not claimed by Asa’s forces. But some patrol nearby. The citadel was dedicated to the Damned and a great curse lays over it.
Lookin' into this a little more - as don't think any of us travel'in are benediction priests or white witches - happy to be proved wrong though !

Khanniabad – a rogue rainfinder called Vazil is a member of the cult and has an object that can transport there. He is in a set of caves in Ishma.
The cult worship Ayin Hasad.
Lookin' into this a bit also. Never bin to Ishma and not heard tell of this cult, nor this Ayin fella.

Broken lands – the henge is held by three shaman and is a focus for forgotten/lost totems of all types. Gaining their agreement to cleanse the henge is vital.
Lookin' into a little more to see the best way to proceed, hope the Aspect of Diplomacy will be with us all on the morrow!

Safe travels, and a sound sleep to all. Be seeing you on the morrow!

I am protected from the soul wind and the sunless - I was getting close to conferring that to another but never followed it up after the Spiters death... Will it be important?

Well made equipment is good - things that may perish should be kept in a good quality bag or perhaps I can just carry them.

Ooc: Since your hafling leader isn't on the next one to comm about where the ring items might be can people that know what is going on plan an order, or come up with other crazy plan that is not the list of places.

I have a lot of writing to do, so if you can let me know by 25th would be great.


QUOTE(sonof @ Sep 12 2016, 05:41 PM) *
Ooc: Since your hafling leader isn't on the next one to comm about where the ring items might be can people that know what is going on plan an order, or come up with other crazy plan that is not the list of places.

I have a lot of writing to do, so if you can let me know by 25th would be great.


Ooc - Deci, schtoy, Kasnia and Thimon

Thanks smile.gif
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