My thoughts be thinking that maybe we should be getting some organisation on our thoughts..
Thus the City of Rodanne and its population is clearly under the control of something unnatural and er controlling so we need to ask ourselves the question –
Are we going to leave it as it is or are we going to attempt to free the city folk from there bonds? as we can see from old rudolph wandering off, the city is a danger to the Nobility of Primus and those with Vitae.. if Rodanne’s pull draws them there to empower Cyrus further its not going to be helping matters in the long run, so I be thinking that we should take the city back to Primus, if it can be done safely. Could we agree on a general plan so we can focus our efforts?
I personally vote for return of Rodanne to Primus
a bit like we did with my lands..

I have some more information aswell on things we have met..

The Tree of Life and anchors
So far the other anchors are shielded from Scrying. Perhaps seeing one may allow more detailed obsertvation as we have discovered the following..
The Tree is more than likely an anchor. Its infused with Earth Power so most likely that there may be other anchors like to ‘powers’ in places of
significance e.g. the Tree of Life is in a source of great EP within the city, so there could possibly be other linked to magic, spirit, and powers of the mind
in areas of importance to those powers.
Said Tree since we killed its Druid keeper has strengthened its defences somewhat, so expect more things to deal with.
The Place Spirt of the Gardens has also been alerted to the attack so may make an appearance. Im not sure if this could be used in our favour?
The eerie glowing green sickly toxic looking orby thing within the waters of the lake is corrupting the Tree as this is main source of water in the park.
All the plants, trees and creatures in the area draw nourishment from the lake.
The tree of life is petrified so it’s likely that whatever is in the waters has those powers not sure what to be totally frank.
Unfortunately, the current Tree of Life is beyond saving given how long it’s been corrupted but if we can break the corruption the protective petrified bark currently protecting it will become less potent and you will be able to destroy it.
On a positive note! There is a ‘spark’ of life within the tree that you may be able to empower in some way
to ‘grow’ or create a new tree. Discovering what is corrupting the tee may help you make a rite or decide what powers to use to do this.

equally I have more information on other things..

House Kilgrave
On Primus the House were kind, caring and compassionate to the common man, often organising feasts and awards for those working in the city. They were renowned for a damn good party and over indulging. which to me sound like worthwhile sorts worth saving however the power of Cyrus' Haven has corrupted them, the house is the polar opposite of what it was, with perhaps a handful of family still retaining some aspect of kindness/goodness. Most of the House are now depraved, cruel and evil to the core enjoying torture, the pleasure dens and fighting pits of the city. So it sounds to me as though it’s best to avoid the majority of the Nobles of this House or at least be wary, though possibly one or two may be members may be part of the Resistance or at a really long shot wish to return to Primus and ‘reconnect’ with the Glass Throne and nobility of the Empire? dunno much about you Nobles..

The Resistance
Hopefully Saul will be able to arrange some form of meeting with them for you or they may connect you directly whilst you are in city. They may wish you to do some
‘test’ to prove your worth.
The Resistance having been here a lot longer than we have should have lots of useful information on things like the Golden Dome, what may be beyond the Dome, where the missing Winterhaven may be
and possibly more information on the anchors and Cyrus’s rites within the city. It will definitely be worthwhile meeting them!

so folks this is where we stand..