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Full Version: Part Three 16th July
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Ladies and gents,

The third party of the Lost City will be on 16th July and we would like to know what you as a party have planned/want to do. You have explored some of the city, you know you need to rescue missing Rudolph Winterhaven and there is a massive golden dome covering the centre of Rodanne.

We have had a few PM's and emails regarding scrying and possibly plans and we have sent some info on to those players. We are interested in hearing from more of players on next dungeon.

Also if you aren't on the dungeons but have been PM'ed or contacted by players on any of the previous dungeons seeking advice or clarification on choices they might make you should also feel free to get involved (PM or email us if you want or post here as well! biggrin.gif )

So feel free to PM or email all or any of the ref team with scrying or ideas & plans for next dungeon and/or use this post to discuss stuff with your fellow players.

Brett, Rob, Matt and I will be writing asap so if you want to embrace the opportunity as a party to mould a city's destiny get PM'ing/discussing here! smile.gif

See you all in a few weeks,

I am hoping to be allowed to monster the whole day next time and not get moved over to another dungeon lacking monsters
I would like to be on it but it filled up too fast and now in just cooling my Geelongthe reserves list.

Stuart aka Zardos
Also a party list would be good of what people are playing - I don't like to assume people are playing the same characters!

What Alan said, give us a loose idea of what you want to do other than the hired job to save Randolf.

Email Alan for a copy of the map to see what there is to explore ;0)

I'm back playing Nathaniel again.

I'm playing Wick again.

Be great to know if we have a gold wizard actually booked on?

Ref team - I'll share something with you from my perspective by the end of tomorrow - been caught up in real world things now back at work.

I have now managed to book on, so will be playing Zardos. Unfortunately my Gold Wizard is too high level for this :-)
I'm booked on again as Egatz my aquatic finder of ways. Alas I have not got any skill with gold magic. I'm keen to investigate this lake and see if we can find the orb we need to remove the corrupted tree from the equation.
Ill be playing Mojo again
Should someone make an in character post?
The ref team will answer any outstanding comms by Sunday. I currently have a couple that need a response to so they will get replied to asap smile.gif

I now definitely cant make it. A mate changed the date for his stag day to the 16th. No gold wizard this time.
Hello. I'm on this as my Mystic
I've just booked on and will be playing my Dwarven warrior priest Hermish.
Got a few spirits and can fight a bit.

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