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Full Version: Pentacles, tentacles..
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Hiya gang. Apologies for the misleading title. What I'm actually curious about is has anyone manag d to play an illithid and if so how did they go about it? Also was it fun? Do drow hate you? Basically I'm musing a concept as I've never played a neuronicist and this is the only concept I can think of where I'd like to play one.

Many thanks in advance.


Would be hard to pull off on open dungeons with the number of pro Imperial types.

Shape shifting phase spider?
Someone played a drider, so I'm sure Illithid's do-able.
Not seen one - but I'd consider going about it with Psi-Drowe as a base. Possibly I'd do a base race change & start in Ishma - ie. as the ahtfanal are to the elves in Ishma, so the illithids are to the psi-drowe in Ishma?

Oohh that's an interesting twist Giles. Thanks.
QUOTE(Brucifer @ Jun 30 2016, 10:18 AM) *
Oohh that's an interesting twist Giles. Thanks.

I found this a while back :
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