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Full Version: Grey warlocks
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I like the new warlock restrictions on casting. I am inclined to play a grey warlock. Looking at tables (still don't have a copy of the new books...) it looks unlikely to work long term without building either:

- a specialism on damage shield (a bit dull)
- mirroring the grey wiz skills to get advanced spells of other colours.

I like the idea of an 'anti magic' approach to absorb and regurgitate others casting, but that feels expensive.

Question: any 'standard non standards' or reasonably standard routes to get a grey warlock to work (or do I just play brown ebony?)

Thanks in advance!!!

If you want to do an absorb anf regurgitate route, you might want to start off as Vochstelen and build from there might be cheaper?

I like the look of Ivory more now with the published rockskin equivalent, and with half effect sharp. If you combine that with temp life (even better with Jade though more unmapped territory there) to give 36/12 you can walk out of plenty of encounters unharmed!

Grey by the book is good at big, high-wizardly anti-magic stuff, but not so much for lower level combat ready stuff.

You'll want to points app a handful of lower level anti-magic themed combat spells. Off the top of my head:

Passive passive dispel: for the duration of this spell you can cast passive dispels on yourself or your equipment retroactively whenever you are targeted by a spell.

Law of iron: Metal and magic don't get on, and you can heighten that effect. You cast this spell on a metal weapon, whenever it hits someone for the duration they count as being over their metal allowance and cannot cast magic for 5 seconds.

Edit: Posted by leo, surprised to be logged in as rosie
Thanks both!
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