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Why is the cost of foundation of faith so expensive? in the case of grey knight/UC the maximum possible amount of spiritual innates gained is only 10 where as the cost of this ability is 125? why is it so expensive when it would be cheaper to buy innates?

AP's also get a repel good so it works out about right.
It means if you have wfa innates on your list you can get more, which is the only way.


To answer the origins of the costing of Foundation of Faith it was a miscalculation by MCC when he re-wrote the original ability to increase levels worth of innates.

I once asked him why it cost 500pts not 400 and he admitted that he had based the spirit gain cost and thus the price on his own Anti-Paladin's spirit list forgetting that he had more than the standard 40 spirits worth of innates (I think he had one of the old 60 spirits worh of innates or maybe possibly a rebirth list)

So it worked out a fair cost for his AP and pretty much not worth it for any other, except buying Foundation in Faith didn't put you in the Priest bracket if your base list contained more than 5 spirit miracles it meant it was the only way to stay bracket pure and acquire some more of the higher level innates or, as Lee points out, it is now the only way to get more Advanced innates if they are on your base list.