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I have a general idea of what was discovered during your recent hire. However, I understand that my brother, Randolph Winterhaven has still not bee located. Can those mercenaries involved please give a brief explanation of what has been discovered together with suggestions as to how we move forward with rescuing my brother? I plan to hire mercenaries again on 28th Mai to launch an expedition to the Golden City so any investigations that can take place prior to that date will be of great benefit.

Humphrey Winterhaven

Lord Winterhaven

We investigated the links available to us, and found that your brother had come into possession of a golden coin that drove him (and a small number of others including One-Eyed Pete, the notorious ne’er-do-well) to the City of Scarlene and from there through a Sun Gate to the land of Mourat. Rumours abound of a city that is paradise, and that of all who reach it none ever desire to leave. We considered whether this effect was because of the wonder of the place, or whether it was somehow imposed on the people, and paused briefly to consider whether we should protect ourselves against it. Our conclusion was that it was something that needs to be addressed when we next travel.

Through the portal we came across some traders, with whom I am seeking to set up an exotic logging company. They explained a number of people had come through from Scarlene seeking to find a city and been guided by the local goblin for vast amounts of cash. He hadn’t returned in a while however, so we set off to find him.

In doing so we fought a number of strange and unusual creatures, including in particular a tribe of pygmies who were eating people. We slew a number of them including their ‘chef’ and chieftan, before rescuing the guide. He explained he’d shown them all to a nearby volcano, and we headed onwards. Curious magical wardings had been placed throughout its tunnels, and we dealt with fire, water, air and earth in equal measure. Additionally the place was filled with a number of undead who referred to themselves as decadent, although having visited an occasional house of ill-repute I think perhaps they misunderstand the term.

In any case, at the heart of this temple we found an altar guarded by a demon, and slew it. Here we found the other coins, and believed that they would allow us to be taken to this City. We turned our back on it however, resolving to ward ourselves before risking the trip. This was not before confirming that Randolph had indeed dodged past the demon and leapt through the portal. Hopefully we may track him down shortly.

No doubt others will expand upon or correct my recollections set out here.

I should like to give particular thanks to the inspired actions of Gideon of Redaip, whose versatility in dealing with traps and wardings is unparalleled and without whom we would surely have all failed.

Baron Nathaniel nav Findias

P.S. I should also record an unfortunate incident where Philip, a beggar from Deci, for no apparent reason murdered two beggars of Sellaville who had been helping us. He claimed it was a tribal matter, and I understand that a report will be being made to your magistrates.
Thank you very much for your kind words.

I have various notes which I will transcribe here later once I am off duty - working with the department of mercenary affairs this week.

Good to work with you all and a report has been passed to the Covenant regarding Mr. Lip who was otherwise very helpful.

Holy Redaip
Thank you Baron,

That is most helpful. So it seems that finding some way to protect you all in advance of entering the City might be important? Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations? I'll happily look in to this myself as well.

Humphrey Winterhaven
Dear all,

Apologies for buttin' in, and I trust this finds you all well.

My name is Warwick Winterbottom, from Little Hollow in rural Alguz. I was hoping to meet with you previously, but Mrs Winterbottom and the "Little Hollow in Bloom IM 1016 Committee" had other ideas. However I will be joining you in the future, and am already looking forward to havin' an adventure! As such I've followed these conversations and your discoveries with great interest.

If the lure of this place that people don't want to leave is a malady of the mind, or some kind of insanity I have by callin' on the aspect of Serenity, a limited skill in warding either myself, or a few individuals from such things for a short period of time. Certainly not something that will solve the problem for a group of people for any real length of time, but may help a little - even if it just serves to get someone thinkin' with their own head for a while as it were.

Lookin' forward to meetin' you in person soon,


We are not quite sure whether it is akin to a spiritual mastery, or some form of insanity, or perhaps just a twisting of your emotions and desires. I am sure that there are numerous ways to stiffen your resolve to these matters, likely herbal or ritual. I shall seek out an adviser from the Circle if I am able.

If I ever appear in a place which has people that might be able to help I'll ask around (or herbs or things). Today was lovely, a place of sunshine and interesting fruit drinks that made my head woozy. Yesterday was the plane of eternal torment. Less fun.

Understood Nat.

If there's anything I can help with be sure to let me know.



I'm just going to conduct some scrying and will share as soon as I've made sense of it.


**** Edited with a little more info, cheers, Matt!****

Hello all,

Right then, so I have discovered the following - not perhaps as much as I would have liked but does the job - so all good, and I hope at least a little informative and useful.

* The coins - these play on ones emotions and also dominate them to travel to the City - although not necessarily remain there. Interestingly, they also allow those who posses a coin to supernaturally transport to the City where otherwise they could not. The individual would still need a way of mystically transporting however.

* The splendour/lure of this city somehow manipulates your outlook, determination and even your emotions so that you won't want to leave. The spirits of knowledge suggested any planning on travelling there who did not want to fall under its sway should "ritually" protect themselves - without exactly pinpointing how.

When trying to discover how to do this, they informed me that the hirer (I'm guessing Humphrey Winterhaven) has found such a ritual for this very purpose!

* Also, and please do note - (I'm not sure whether its connected to this ritual, or something else), they suggested we have at least one candle in our pockets/bags - so don't forget to pack one - with a good sturdy wick, along with your lunch before leaving the house!

* It goes without saying to learn more of this mysterious place we should protect ourselves and have a wander and nosy around!


Evenin’ all,

So following our adventures last Starsday, I’ve had a bit of a chat with Saul and thought it would be useful to share with all, and summarise what we found on our travels, or I’ve discovered by talkin’ to people.

I started rambling right on, so have decided to start again and list things all neat like. Its quite long, so you might need to stop half way through for a pie, but as my Da said, "if your are going to do something..."

The followin’ is to the best of my knowledge, so excuse the odd mistake – but I think I’m pretty close.

Individuals known about/met -
* Saul Blake - Innkeeper of The Golden Unicorn Tavern (he must be a user of supernatural powers, tho’ don’t know what, and haven’t asked him). Brother to Cyrus. Trapped in that rite for ages.
* Cyrus Blake – City Governor/Ruler. Priest of the Sacred Heart (despite being corrupted in some way, he still is). Holds power equivalent to a Magiarch but is not from any magiocracy.
* The Dark Euphoria – The City Spirit (this name is what its known as now).
* The Kallah Lord – exists but not sure who it is.
* The "Tree of Life" in the gardens. It is sentient (well it chased us all around alot!), made of stone, and the corrupting force of that part of the City.
* Bertie Norman – Owns a run down tourist shoppe. Gives away good maps. (4th rank creature of undead, but seemed friendly enough).
* Felix Wells – works for the Golden Apple Brewery.

The Lost City (Rodanne)
During the Choas wars, the City of Rodanne was located in the Heartlands and changed hands time and time again during the wars. The residents were downtrodden and greatly suffering. Cyrus as a priest of the Sacred Heart set about accumulating power to solve this problem. He managed to set up a Haven over the whole city, which prevented further invasion and the City started to thrive as a no man's land in the chaos wars. People used to negotiate, bargain there and would also visit for a respite from the wars. As a result it became known as the Golden City of Rodanne (as in gold magic, not gold gold). There are about 6000 people living there.

Cyrus became the governor. However, he was worried that someone might launch an attack so he continued to garner more and more personal power. Eventually, he somehow became corrupted. No one knows how or why.

He started to drain the life force from those within the confines of the City. The Haven started to drain people's motivation and enthusiasm and stopped them from having any desire to leave. This became a very real problem for the magiocracies and as such they decided to take action against him. However, before they could launch an attack Cyrus shifted the City in to the Mittelnacht where it has been ever since.

Time has passed, and people have forgotten it ever existed. Its not in no old books neither.

The City is anchored to the Mittelnacht. If these ritual anchors were destroyed then the City would relocate to Primus. Now I’m no expert on things but from what I’ve read of this kind of thing, IF it were to relocate (and I'm not saying it should), its likely it would settle back in and people would think its always been there (don’t really make much sence to me, but well, that’s what I’ve read).

The City is in such a state because of the corrupted Haven ritual. In laymen’s terms it pacifies everyone in it, so they have no desire to do anything other than enjoy themselves - which might not sound too bad. But - some just slip in to a euphoric state, others actively gamble, drink,and other such things. Essentially no one does any work so the City has fallen to ruins, and looks, well a right old mess.

The inner city is cut off by a large golden dome, like one o’ them forcewall things, but bigger.

Inner City –

The inner City is most likely where Rudolph Winterhaven is. Saul Blake believes that his brother has specifically been tryin’ to attract those with vitae to the City as those with vitae are far more valuable to him than anyone else.

Phew - there we go. Well done for gettin' to the end.

I had to stop for afternoon tea - and my writin' hand was achin'.

Right, so planning ahead (presumin' people are thinking of going back).

Now I haven’t had time to talk to Humphrey Winterhaven, as the above took longer than I was plannin’ on, and Mrs Winterbottom’s herbaceous border won’t wait another day (maybe that Haven rite thing ain’t so bad after all!), but I’ll wager my last grull Humphrey still wants his brother back. Also in my mind, its not right Cyrus luring more people in - it might be your wife or little 'un next, and you might not never see them again!

Saul has set up a link between the Golden Unicorn Tavern and the Winterhaven estates in Sellaville. As long as we have coins, those of us under the protection of the amulet I have (named in the rite) are protected and can travel freely. Others would I’m guessin’ need to be joined to the protection and named in another rite – hopefully with a sink thing this time. We’ll have to chat to the dwarven bloke about that.

Corruption within Rodanne.
That massive walkin’ tree made of stone in the gardens is the Tree of Life. Our best way of combatin’ it is to find an orb which is keepin’ it petrified (I'll admit to bein' pretty scared meself when it lurched towards us). This is in the gardens in the lake (past where that weird mushroom man thing was).

I tell you when I told the lads about all this stuff that happens on adventures they are sure the tales are taller than a giant! (Mrs W was less than impressed with such fanciful things).

Anyway, there I go ramblin' again. As the tree is a corruptin' force in that part of the city it’s a fair bet that tryin’ to clean it up might be good. No idea how to do that (Mrs Winterbottom's secateurs aren’t up to the job I fear - especially since instead of sharpenin' them, I've been scribing this!).

There might be other focuses of corruption around the city in other parts we didn’t go to. We have a map, so could have a look? Maybe if we can find enough it might weaken the thing corrupting the rite – maybe even Cyrus?

Golden Dome in the Centre.
It seems a lot of important/powerful types are in here. I think it might be good to have a nosey around.

Bein’ like a big force wall thing, Saul reckons that using the password would remove the dome. However, this would cause a massive kerfuffle, and bring a barrow full of (probably) unwanted attention. Also the password is immune to scrying.

A “trick of the ear” spell (whatever that is), would work, but again that would also cause a hubbub. There’s also apparently a Golden Gateway spell that creates a door in a force wall, which would be the best way of entering without instantly alerting people. Any ideas?

Plan –
Saul seemed quite keen on us breaking the anchors and returning Rodanne to Primus. This seems like a massive, massive thing, so I’ve sent missives to various big wigs in the Empire to see what they think. I’m waitin' to hear back from them. So I think we look into other things first.

If people want to go back again, I’d suggest – (maybe),

* We try to sort out the tree. But this might alert people to our presence? (On the upside if we have to sort out that mushroom man, we might be able to make a nice omelette?)
* We use the map and have a look around some other parts of the outer city – see if we find out anything useful (Saul has been trapped in that rite thing for ages so is a bit out o' touch). Or find any other focuses of corruption and try to sort them out?.
* If we have time, and can do it, sneak into the inner city and have a snoop around?

Well that’s me about done and my head is all a’buzzin.

What do you lot think?

Seems all present and correct to me. Saul may have been put into a state of suspended animation by the rite he used, and the spells he cast seemed to be effected by it as well, since I studied the Prismatic Ward it had been active for about 50 years.

QUOTE(Cildan @ Jun 1 2016, 06:01 PM) *
Seems all present and correct to me. Saul may have been put into a state of suspended animation by the rite he used, and the spells he cast seemed to be effected by it as well, since I studied the Prismatic Ward it had been active for about 50 years.


Be sounding like this sacred hearted man has given himself to protect the cities populace and the dark euphoria has taken sway since this bargain?
cheers Wick for the concise update also be being very moved by your devotion to Talthar by the way!
There may well be something in the dangers of moving chunks of reality about something similar happened with my home..
Also should save the Tree it's innocent in all this!

There is an issue however regarding passwords can we all be sure we have the same one for future reference?
Any other thoughts from anyone? if not I'm going to follow my feet, and hope you lot follow me!

Can anyone who is plannin' on going back cast this golden gateway spell? or could they with a scroll if we could get one?

We need to get planning.


(OOC - chaps the ref team are meeting up soon to write next part, so it would be great if we can advise them what we would like to explore/attempt next adventure - M)
I vote for removing the corruption from the Tree of Life

QUOTE(Cildan @ Jun 14 2016, 02:14 PM) *
I vote for removing the corruption from the Tree of Life


Finding a gold wizard with the right skill sounds like a priority. I think quietly checking out the outer city first and see if we can learn more of this missing brothers exact location, that it what we were contracted to do.

Happy to volunteer for lake duty if needed but killing the tree is likely to alert Cyrus which sounds like a bad idea to me.


I be agreein with you on the tree Egatz but we should be removin its corruption if possible
I will find out more regarding adding chunks to primus from elders at home..
Also Humphrey should not be seperated from Rudolph if we can be avoiding would not be here but for Rudolph's wanderlust, no?

Hello again all,

So I’ve been chatting some more to Saul and will be performing a couple more divinations to clarify some things once we have decided what we are doing. There are various things we could do, but we really do need to try and make as informed a decision as we can, with what we know or find out then stick to it. I think we could get a fair bit of stuff done if we sort ourselves out.

In essence – do we just want to try and rescue the missin' Winterhaven chap or do we want to try and do this and also return Rodanne to Primus (or leave it anchored in 'Nact). I will point out that people ('specially them with noble blood or vitae) are bein' lured to Rodanne to power the corrupted Haven rites. I’ve mentioned this to Lord Knight Tai, and also the Majitus (as it’s a magical pickle). Both counsel that luring people away isn’t ideal and also freeing those kept against their will a good course of action – but also highlighting there will be implications if it is returned to Primus. I haven’t mentioned it to the Lord Inquisitor for other reasons*. Ultimately as we are directly involved its down to us.

I realise I’ve shared a fair bit of information – and there’s more below, but as my Pa used to say - "its better to jump over a fence knowing there’s something to land on the other side…"

The Park
This used to be a vibrant place full of life but the corrupt Haven spell which has changed people's attitudes to work has lead to its rapid decline. There are/were three main features.
The Tree of Life, the Golden Apple Orchard and the Golden Lake. The Tree of Life used to hold some significance to those closest to the park and there use to be an annual festival in the park in Martius with food, drink and music but there hasn't been a festival for years.

Now the park is overgrown, the Druids that use to tend to the trees lazy and the Tree of Life corrupted in some way by the deathly glowing object some of us saw at bottom of the lake.

There were a good few Mushroom men - these are likely the park attendants corrupted in some way. There were also some corrupt water spirits.

The Tree of Life is one of the four anchors holding Rodanne in the ‘Nacht. Removing any of the anchors is likely to draw attention to us, so IF we wanted to free/un-anchor the city, I think it would definitely be best trying to find out where the others are located and what is needed to do to remove anchors, then doing them all quickly, with as much help as we can get (see “Resistance” below).

10th rank Undead. This was a Street Stalker – there are more than one of these though not sure exactly how many – maybe half a dozen??? They tend to roam the city patrolling or hunting when summoned rather than staying in one location. You can normally see a distracting fog or mist before they arrive and often smell of rotting flesh that makes people lose their breakfast. They can be know to release a spine tingling screech when closing in on their prey.

The Street Stalkers hunt down both those newly visiting City with coins that haven't succumbed and those living in Rodanne, that are either natural resilient or warded in some way from influence of the City Spirit and Haven spell.

The Street Stalkers are often summoned or called be the Kallah of the City, sometimes by sending messages through the eyes of a Hanot so it could be that them beggars some of you chatted to sent it after us!. We need to be careful!

Those that are caught by the Street Stalkers are taken to the Citadel and not often seen again. Those that do return are changed and under the thrall of the Haven spell.


There are those not influenced by the City Spirit or the corrupt Haven, hence the reason for the Street Stalkers. I don't think we've met any but they are likely to keep their heads down!

Saul believes 'some' of these people have formed some kind of resistance group. He advises it might be wise to try and find the group as they may or may not have information on missing Winterhaven and/or a way of potentially getting through the Golden Dome. (I have bought a teaching scroll of the Golden Gateway spell, but would need someone to learn it). Also we need to think that we might not be able to contact anyone, and if we do, there’s no guaranteeing they will want to help. Hence me getting this scroll.

The resistance may also have an idea of what's the other side of the Dome, where the missing brother may be held captive, and the location of the anchors securing the city they would also be of great help.

I would like to try to meet with any individuals who may be willing to help to learn more.

House Kilgrave

An old Noble House, that had strong links to the City and who's family home/city was Rodanne. They had property in the merchant district of the city and a manor house within old town which is now covered by the dome. The House Kilgrave were champions of the common man before the City's corruption and often had parades and fetes/carnivals for the poor. They were well know for liking a party.

They may or may now have been corrupted in same way as rest of city. If they have then best to avoid them but they may also be a source of information on what is behind Dome/anchors and where they may be.

Let me know your thoughts in the next two days and I’ll try to find out more based on this.



*(OOC – As Huw is also playing don’t want to put him in a state of character cross over - smile.gif )
Anyone want to own up to havin' that rite of protection. Think we're gonna need it again?

Hello everyone,

Well I think we deserve a pat on the back for all we managed to achieve on Starsday - apart from the demise of Master Winterhaven...I can confirm he's back on his feet again now and havin' a bit of a rest.

Thinkin' about goin' back and doin' more - Mister Violet can you remind me about that rite what we saw, with the corrupt haven bit and the three other ritual gubbin's that needed specific ritualisin' to counter what they was doing.

One was lust, one, self indulgence, what was the other?

Also just to check we did actually break the write what makes them street stalkers right?

Thankin' you,

Hey Wickie,

was gluttony the other. Thought one was greed. I tries, we all tries, at the time to get rids, but only works a bit. Need proper rituals we felts of the opposites.

So me thinks, Ritual of abstinence - (for gluttony) , aversion rather than celibacy (for lust), and generosity (for greed).
Maybe a little song for each one. Here something I was doings already

Mes a rats, I promise not to get fats
Food I will deny, In this I do not lie
What I digest, will not be in excess.
If I stay lean, I can still be mean
If I abstain, I can still inflicts pain
Hear my words, for they ring true.
For today I will only eat gruel.

happy to helps,

(OOC - cant be there for last one - shame as they are great fun - good luck)
I lobbed the skull from the stalker rite in the river, so if it's not fixed it's the fishes problem now.

It's a shame Mr Winterhaven was dead when we got there. That mind control stuff must have messed him up proper. I overheard one of his guards saying he was shouting at all sorts of hallucinations while they tortured him. Glad to hear he's feeling better.

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