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Full Version: 13th March Birthday Dungeon - needs some YP's to Monster
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Hi All Young Players!!!

On Sunday 13th March there is a Birthday dungeon taking place and we are need of some monsters to give the birthday party a great time!!

Now Young Players don't normally get to earn Monster Points but you will for Monstering the Birthday Dungeon!!

So I am offering 50 Monster to points to every Young Player that Monsters the Birthday Dungeon on Sunday!

So if you can help please reply to this post and / or book with Duncan. The Monsters will be needed between 10am and 2pm.

Remember if they enjoy the birthday party they might come back and that means new friends and bigger and better dungeons!

Many Thanks

Richard - (you know the big bald one)
Just a shameless bump as we need monsters on Sunday!
It may just be possible for me to help you out (if I'm still needed/wanted!). I will have to cut the timings very fine, as the earliest train I can reasonably get arrives at 9:57 AM (if I miss that 10:20). Just a few questions on details.
Will there be a break for lunch?
I've heard you can use monster points to level up a character off dungeon. What are the prices on this (if it is a thing)?
If I do go, is it likely I'll be the only monster or has anyone else inquired?
Other than that, I should be good smile.gif
Please respond ASAP as I need the details to finalise going.
Hi Geraint,

Yes there will be a break for food.

You can use monster points to add points to a character so you could add 50 points to one of your characters. This is done before you start a dungeon.

Lilly is also going to monster so you won't be the only one.

Thank you for helping.

Hey- just a few things I forgot to clarify. Is the entire event 10 till 2 or is that first section? I ask because if lunch is after 2 I'd need to reschedule trains etc.
If there is 2 sections - excuse my ignorance as I have little experience with this- is there a section afterwards that I am expected to play ( I heard once that YP are not allowed to just monster then leave)? If it's a birthday this will probably be an exception but I thought I'd clarify.
Hi Geraint,

10am to 2pm is the whole day.

It's for a birthday party so different rules.


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