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Full Version: What comes next?
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Good Day to you all,

I've spent much time contemplating what exactly our next move should be so i can at least offer an objective opinion.

It occurs to me that we have a number of possible avenues to follow.

Certain things bother me greatly and i feel should be dealt with in an urgent fashion although i dare not speak of them here.

i propose that we arrange a private meeting to assess ours goals and consider the appropriate order of importance for them.

I will seek to speak with others within our faith also to share the knowledge we have acquired of things.

Armitage, Gwyn i would very much like to here your opinion on this matter....

May the stars shine brightly upon you all,

Father Tidus

Upon what matter Farther? I too would like to hear what it is you believe we should act upon firstly.
I am very good at gaining knowledge from the people of the areas in which we travel, if I know where we must go then I could get there the day before and gain local knowledge so as to aid in what we must do.


may the stars light your way and
the earth remain strong apon your path.
Tidus and others

Should you need me to speak with the Lord of the Waters and beg him to share his secrets, you need only ask.

Evensong Moriquendi
One of Ten
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