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So... Ive got this druid who has the bee talisman and very clearly needs more ridiculous bee themed abilities. Obviously Ive already got a bee-turner, but I need far more puns to fill up the bottoms of points app sheets with sensible abilities on them.

Giles has already offered Bee-Arthur as a Golden (girls) Golem which I think might be hard to beat, but I do challenge you to beat it.

(I guess Id also accept offers of sensible bee themed abilities, but Im not sure they're as much fun...)

Pete Long
All of the awful puns created by the beeple from the Whitehaven dungeon
Bee Vee - as ability to convert single herbal curative to 9/9 healing potion - now does similar but creates a Blade Venom potion.

Bee Oscene - a nod to the Marylin Manson song lyrics - acts as a Repel Life (as so many people hate MM)

Bee Eater - immunity to poisons and potions for 5 minutes

Queen Bee - physical befriend/beguile as you are the ultimate being in the hive

Royal Jelly - like mystic honey but better

Hives - opponent loses weapon masteries due to uncontrollable itching

There's a sting in the tail - once a day can choose any suitable Unholy Champion innate
Bee, Bee, See - 2 bees go forth and act as Farsee or spirit of seeing

I still think Bee-Were - only harmed by silver - is a winner.
Flight of the Bumblebee - Walk on Air @will - must wear wings
Bee Geas - Anyone killing you takes a mantic avenging spirit
Voice of the Beehive - Mass Control Bee@will
Let It Bee - removes a domination effect/ends a rage
Hiver - gains Winter Elf innates in winter

There's probably more


Bee careful - three additional ocelli (primitive eyes) give char advanced warning of threats. As per combat way 6 levels, but must be phys repped. May purchase additional skills levels as scout.

Bee-longing - neutrality to bee based animal types. May not harm unless in purest self-defence.

Bee-have - 1/day acts as per pacification one target not immune to flesh and blood who could reasonably be won over with a pot full of honey.

Bee line... pjysical lightstep
Bee little ... intimidation
Bee gone.... vanish animate
Buzzing... hyperaction
Bee lieve... remove fear/paralisys
Bee quick or bee dead - double DAC whilst running away (as goblin)
Bee at one with nature - med burst of EP
Bee Quiet - makes no sound so does not come up on sensitive hearing or trigger statues etc
Bee-tle - Innate PAC3 from hard exoskeleton or can carry at strength 3 if only carrying and not fighting or running
To be, or not to be, this is the question: - physical comm 1
beleaf defines reality: gains one new evocation onto list at the start of the day because I always had it reall.
Waggle dance: - a physical psychic crush, opponent cannot move while bee Druid is dancing
Bee sting: Evocation, as avenging spirit on the target, costs 10%
Bee Bee Bee: Respends as worst possible spend for your points
Half a Bee* - 50% off everything, but pays double for all abilities.

*Well done if you get this reference.
QUOTE(StuartEaston @ Jan 31 2016, 03:04 PM) *
Half a Bee* - 50% off everything, but pays double for all abilities.

*Well done if you get this reference.

I now have the Monty Python song in my head, damn you Easton!

In small token of revenge I offer the following -

Beeyonce - 1 /day gains a self heal as powermaster after performing the Single Ladies dance (I have every confidence Kev will now find a way to justify applying for this)

To Bee or not to Bee

Like a gaseous form but you turn into bees.

[Edit] Just noticed someone else got to this before me
MacHiver- gains any one tinkerer skill for the day.
Very childish but

Boo-bees - two giant round bees pop out - cause fear

Fris-bee - hand thrown weapon

"The Bees-Knees" as per illusions of grandeur, but can be cast on yourself because you really are great... Or possibly glamour or even awe?

"Bee-zerk" someone squished one of your bees! 50% rage against them.

"Bee-lieber" mass cause fear (including you) as your bees start to sing Justin Bieber karaoke.

"Zom-bees" your bees all have 1 hit returners.

"Let's bee friends" physical befriend

"Buzz off" repel life

I can't beelieve this is still going on.

These are still not as good as Travelling the World Bee.
Bee-have you lot.
Some alternatives biggrin.gif

Spelling Bee - gains read languages.
Waggle dance - by performing a waggle dance get a "lucky idea" of the direction and distance of an object they are looking for
Queen Bee - well equiped Mystic honey
Bee Bee Gun: Target takes 2 oaken spears unless neutral to animals.

I'm a Bee-liever: Can now use true believer innates to cast creeping swarm

The Bee Tells: EP major prayers

Plan BEE

BEEton but not Dead

Killer ZomBEE


Droning On

If you're taking this seriously, it's time to get technology involved and do this on an industrial scale.
The powers that Bee
Bees Boots Are Made for Walkin'
A-Hive and kicking
Eat Bumble pie
TransSwarmers: Dark of the Moon
Swarmula One
Swarm in a teacup
Imperial Swarmtrooper
Global Swarming
Vocal Swarm up

As far as bee words go, swarm definitely wins.
Pete, you owe it to this community to share the YP once you submit it.

Might even buy you a luke warm tea from the cafe as a reward.
Have some more following inspiration
Evocations that are as...
Bee still, my Beeating heart - As heart of ice
Bee afraid, bee very afraid - As cause fear
They might bee giants - Adrenal surge other
I'll bee back - Word of recall
Peace bee with you - Silence
You wanna bee starting something? - induce cold rage

Convert to Redaip. Use your bees in triplicate. Points app for wardpact anything-played-by-Ian-Armstrong based on this.
Buy a load of neuropens.
Ask if someone wants some mystic honey.
Give them some ordinary honey.
They ask "but where's the mystic?".
You say "I'm right here" and pen them to death.
Bee T Box - encase a monster in a cube shaped wall of thorns.

Tales of Ara-Bee-a - buys as Ishmaic human.

Bee-Ten Hard: +1 max damage.

Bee Stinger - -1 max damage but each blow has a bv1 on it. ( as we all know its the venom that stings)

Then get various types of bee as x/day add ons for different effects ranging from a dozey Honey bee for bv sleep to the South Amerixan Killer Hornet for BV Death
Buzzbee - must wear a bee hat. 1/d sonic attack, everyone within 20' takes a physical cause grievous from low level, powerful buzzing. Immunity to F&B applies

(Cannot believe I read all this thread)
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