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Full Version: halloween thank you
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can i just say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the dungeon today it was truly something new and exciting.
Pleasure young buddy. Marcie had a great time and is itching to get back.
Hi Felix,

Thank you, I am very glad to hear that you thought it was new and exciting it was certainly our intention to do exactly that.

I would also like to thank all the players / monsters, I was impressed by the level of maturity shown in embracing a dungeon format that was different and I am glad it felt new and exciting.

It was a real team effort to get it to happen and work on the day, a huge thank you has to go to Laura for doing the often thankless task of setting especially as there was a lot to do in the morning! Laura also wrote several encounters including the very awesome death by strangulation warding (sorry Adam but that was a cool death). Laura's experience and flexibility helped it all work and the finale with all the priests coming back as an army of Zombies was Laura's idea and it added a very real claustrophobic effect to the end encounter!!

It goes without saying that Tim' haunting Death creature was fantastic at keeping you all moving and on your toes and another huge thanks goes to Tim. The Zombie brain (provided by Tim) was arguably one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen! - Tim's advice, support, direction, ideas and experience was and is vital to Young Players in general but especially for an event like this!

Thanks also to Marcos for helping Monster in the morning, it was great to have the extra help!

Also thank you to the player, who came up with using the Twisted Wizard Pumpkin and Giant Skull of Death as weapons - that was a genius idea!! (was it you Felix?)

Hopefully we can do another cool Halloween event like this next year if enough Young Players want to have another go at surviving the one night of horror at Pietro's House of Pain!!

Thanks to everyone who took part, it was a real team effort from everyone involved to make it work.

Thanks again

Thanks guys it was great
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