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Full Version: Warlock or warrior/wizard
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So looking for char options for next year and was thinking warlock but atm thinking warrior/wizard better stat wise, so the question is what can a warlock do that a war/wiz does not already do and also probably better with the 1st buy as etc

6th wiz is 1k to 6th and another 600ish to 8th with some 1st class wiz slots. High warlock is 850 and unless 7/8 is amazing warlock would seem to be a far weaker option

Depends what threshold you're aiming for.

You also want to start as a wizard and go warrior not the other way round.

I'd speak to Huw - he seemed to make warlock work, I had an awful duidoin black warlock but the principle seemed sound. In terms of immediate fun - plain warrior's a bit of a slog until you've got wizard. Long game though I don't think warlock wins

Like most hybrid characters, you get to your hybrid effectiveness quicker, but tend to be weaker (and, frustratingly, having to spend more points trying to get around the fundamental gaps in the class by points apping basic things) in the long run. I don't think there's a huge amount in it any more, things are much better for warlocks now than they were.

If you are wanting to play a warrior/wizard type, a warlock is there immediately and really the only way to do it for a max 750, and probably the better option to max 1500. By max 3k or so I'd expect the warrior/wizard or wizard/warrior to be better. I agree that wizard/warrior is the best way round for a number of reasons but primarily because the 1st 2k points or so are less frustrating.

I'd be playing a Warlock for the challenge both in terms of player skill and character crafting skill, rather than the power.
I'd also suggest, wizard/ranger or wizard/duellist is much better.

Warlock is on my to-do list, Lee unfortunately didn't see the magic in my bronze warlock gym instructor..
Thats because the only think you know about the gym is how to spell it!

QUOTE(RichardCraig @ Oct 17 2015, 06:49 PM) *
I'd also suggest, wizard/ranger or wizard/duellist is much better.

Warlock is on my to-do list, Lee unfortunately didn't see the magic in my bronze warlock gym instructor..

This game is all about living lives that you wouldn't actually do in real life..
That's why Ryan always plays... He's never a player

QUOTE(RichardCraig @ Oct 17 2015, 07:45 PM) *
This game is all about living lives that you wouldn't actually do in real life..

I have a red warlock (from the straight 8th myths) which ticks a lot of boxes (fun, lots of things to do, holy quin, total heal...). High warlock 7/8 can get you a load of good stuff and warlock is fun to play from the start.

Offensive only quickly becomes "combat related only" avoiding the need to dispel lines and other boring stuff.
High warlock gets you life, AC, more casting levels, more mana

Basically for me, unless you want to power through lower levels / reincarnate a high ponts character, the 1400 points to get a warrior to 8th level wizard is just too dull to think about (plus the extra 3-400 points to get the mana and castign levels)


I remember that I started my Wizlock out as a half dark elf, wizard then brough 2nd class warrior - I managed to get a yellow paper class passed called 'Battle Mage' - before the doom of death took the character. Still Wizard to Warrior worked out okay.

Depends on the level you want - There are some incredible hard Warlocks around - they can balance a group in the combat magic section - but what is important is what you want out of the character & class.


Warmage, maybe? I'm sure Warmage must be good for something but I can't see it. Possibly if you're an elf. I almost rebirthed Gaxx as a full elf wizard gone warmage, but in the end I didn't because all my characters have to be Spirit Warriors.

I think 1400pts will get a Warlock the ability to cast nonoffensive spells, 8th level warrior life and 8th level wizard mana...

I think it's much of a muchness tbh. It depends if you want to be in both brackets to start with, or have to play up as a pure wizard/warrior for a bit.

High warlock broadly gives you everything you want and 7th/8th should see you get base wizard mana (+ the 3/level from high warlock), 8th level warrior life and cast as wizard if you really want it. That said, I still haven't gone 7th/8th high warlock and haven't really found it too much of a problem (I got a lot of extra mana/casting reductions from being brown only).

The 3 tier status for warlock is quite nice as it gives you some more life and a free spell per 15 mins. It was quite cheap for me to make that 1/5 mins and be able to buy the whole status tree again for defensive spells. I had a 4th/5th tier of that too which let me cast any type of spell (rather than offensive/defensive), more life and so on.

I tended to find that the thing I was missing by about 3k was damage reductions to deal with the wave fights outside of bind/magnetise. I think as a warrior gone wizard you won't have that problem, but as as wizard gone warrior you probably will. Broadly though it depends on what you invest your points into. A good tradition as a warlock that fills the 'wave monster' reductions void is quite handy.

One advantage of being a warlock is that pathing mancer is very cheap.

Bottom line though, they are both very similar concepts so past the first 2k or so you'll be choosing how you want to play by what you buy and what non-standard stuff you do/don't put in (e.g. do you rely on mana for most combat stuff or do you invest in perm reductions and only use mana for big fights).

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