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Full Version: Prodding the guild system
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Has anyone had any joy with points apps related to changing their interaction with the current guild system?

I was thinking of a hypothetical "social butterfly" multiclass (or possibly as a base class change with no buy-as if I'm feeling hardcore) that lets me break all sorts of guild-based rules.

This is the sort of stuff I was thinking of putting in it, has anyone had any of this passed before?

-Extra guild slots
-Switch which guilds you have battleboarded mid-dungeon
-Stack benefits from guilds
-Join guilds regardless of class restrictions
-Gain the benefits of a guild as a hanger on without being a full member and being bound by its restrictions.
-Buy the old benefits of a guild permanently after they change (or lose a tier)
-Grant (or possibly subtract should I so desire) a bonus month or two to the blowup date to when you do a guild special.
-Convert my basic 3x3 tiers of guild abilities into 9 split as I see fit across the social/political/professional divide.
-Add X ISP to any guild item that comes from a dungeon I play.
-Grant basic tier of a guild I'm in to someone on dungeon if I sign them up
-Wardpact a guild (if I meet IC with the guild head and he signs it onto my card)
-Gain an adventure temp item/scroll/potion chosen by what comes up from a random draw from a guild box (I don't get the card, just an adventure temp copy)
All I've done in the past is trade away my guild slots. I didn't I much I return though.

Traded them away for stuff,
Written my own churches as guild benefits,

I think there is huge scope in claiming benefits from guilds you bought hanger on to, lee may go for it (especially for a beggar or something that really bugs around taking from others he spends his time mooching off)
For my Talthar angel I traded social and political guilds for additional rings benefits.
How about trading two guilds benefits for a 6 tier status spread over a few tables? Could follow a theme and get progressively better per table etc?

I have a 3 tier status for my AP in the 28th Legion with some nice stuff, I bet if you trade in guild benefits and replace them with a theme of tiered benefits you could do something decent, especially if you had a non standard or even standard tradition or tendency etc?
So far it's all people trading away guilds. Has nobody traded for more?
I did something a bit similar with beggar benefits - with regards to getting old benefits as long as I had a copy of them and then having more than one set of benefits. In my case it was a multirace, but I would have thought perhaps a status rather than multiclass, for social butterfly. I'd speak to Martin J as it feels exactly the sort of thing that would fit in with Blunt Club/Senator for Mercenary Affairs - the reaching out to guilds he's been doing - maybe you'd need a CP or two - eg. for every Guildhouse I get for Guild X by way of justification, or possibly as an offshoot of Yeomanry Pure Humanity.

I know someone who has traded their political for a 2nd professional.
I have as a samilla that can battleboard a political guild instead of a professional.
I have swapped guild slots for status'.

I have never seen anyone get more guild slots though... other than in rebirths where they are tied to a guild/church.

I think the view is that guilds are very powerful and give loads out... so it is unlikely to get more.

But never say never... that's why we have the Non standard process.
Lee loves dabbler and has said he would pass a super dabbler who can multiclass to rogue, wayfinder, spy and leywalker...

Maybe the next step from there is a Scout, Neuronic, Wizard, Priest and Druid Professional guild slots on one character.

I had a pit fighter who was 'the professional' - he could battleboard 2 professional but zero political guilds. Could join social as normal. Was 40 points
QUOTE(Rob @ Sep 16 2015, 10:19 AM) *

I had a pit fighter who was 'the professional' - he could battleboard 2 professional but zero political guilds. Could join social as normal. Was 40 points

I like that idea.

As with other s all I've managed to do is trade away all guild slots for 3 sets of 3 tiered abilities. Guilds would still give better though.
I shall have to experiment.

To the app cave!
I have traded away slots into 3 and 5 tier statuses.

I have also had passed, may battle board 2 professional guilds at the same time but looses either political or social slot.

I also have break racial restriction to join a guild(s)


When there was a Volksraad, I tried for Imperial Auditor (LN Priest) who gained empathic alignment and (what is now) hanger on @ will. I could attend any guild special but was required to adhere to any guild restrictions and had to write "an audit" post event and publish it (minimum 500 words). Role-play was making sure the Volksraad had the guild details right and they weren't "the wrong sort"

Anyway got failed but I always thought about trying again under different GSMs (this was Bruno I think)

I like your idea but it offers a huge amount of uncontrollable flexibility as guilds change and the opportunity to stack benefits becomes difficult to foresee and cost. (That said, you missed form your list - stack guild benefits life life & AC)

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