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Full Version: stuff for saturday
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So brief is in the hiring hall, time in for 10 with an aim of you shifting off for 10.30.

As before the Jade Empire is hiring you to continue investigations into the tunnels at 2k per day.

I'd like to check everyones cards/apps/battle boards either before time in or at lunch smile.gif

Fi is willing to do a chip shop run at lunch so if you want stuff please let her know before time in and have some cash.

No non-standards but:

Accuracy - thru PAC, if pure goes thru mac and sac
Predicted - ignores dac
Regardless - has accuracy and target prediction
Force majure - as tables
Fleeting - only lasts 30 seconds

Please read up on black mana and evil spirits, also read undead touch effects (evolution races covers them).

If an area is described as "in shadow" it counts as being in magical darkness but does not obscure vision UNLESS another "light" altering effect is up (EG twilight).

Oh and I could always do with more monsters smile.gif

Elbow hopefully should be fine by Saturday so you have at least one monster for players to beat.
I will be monstering this as well so you won't be alone Andy
Thanks for crewing and looking forward to Saturday!

Yep - thank-you everyone for coming along to help!

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