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So updates on this (and next) weekend for you:

Saturday 22nd
Max 5250 - Has some spaces on it if people wanted to play. Equally an A-Ref wouldn't go amiss.
Pre-8th - Has some spaces for players and monsters
YP's - Has 2 players and 1 ref currently. I need a second ref (pretty please) and it needs another player each section and someone to monster each section to run, ideally some more. If you are interested then email on:
as I don't have access to the booking line.

Sunday 23rd
Max 1500 - 2 spaces for players and spaces for monsters.
If people want another dungeon on Sunday then there's a space but you'll need a ref and monster smile.gif

Saturday 29th
Aria's Song - Full but needs some monsters
Max 3k - Spaces for players and needs some monsters
KotL 1k - Could do with some more players and an a-ref
No Max - Needs some players and monsters, and a ref.

Sunday 30th
Aria's Song - Full and could do with another monster
Hell Company - Has monsters (in a break from the pattern) but needs a ref and some players.
No Max - Same as Saturday
Max 1k - Has one player and one monster. Needs more players, and a ref.

As mentioned elsewhere, please use my own email not the booking line email as I can't see the booking line smile.gif



So updates:

Everything is happening this weekend, but more monsters would be good.
Richard is now reffing YP's with Tim (thanks) and Brett is reffing the pre-8th.

In the future the no max on the 29th has been cancelled.


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