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Full Version: Regarding events today
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Having spoken with Azariel in private about what happened today I would like to make my position clear to the group.

Firstly I had communed and ascertained that there was nothing more we could do other than leave so I felt no reason to delay leaving.
Secondly it was certainly not my intention to abandon you but there were people who had expressed that they would like to leave via such methods and knowing that this including some of the more physically vulnerable I was eager to avoid a second death, given that I had full confidence in the remaining people to escape safely. Especially having seen their actions throughout the day. I apologise if it felt like this but it was certainly not my intention.
Thirdly I feel it needs to be made clear that given the same situation I would take the same course of action again as I believe it was the best course I could have taken to minimise risk to the group, if anyone has an issue with such I would advise them to speak to me about it, however please do not take this for abandonment as if I thought there was a serious risk posed by my departure I would not have left.

May the fates watch over you
Ayame Rhagast
My primary advice to Rhagast was to ensure he communicate his exact intentions to the group he is with before acting in this particular manner, given the understandable feelings it can generate.

I hope this will be remembered.

Your a evil betraying little sod, shifting away like that........damn why didn't I think like that.

All in all I thought you did great and you saved many lifes with your spells, a small little cock up that all it was and I very do doubt anyone will hold it against you.

Next time come to me, Count Isaac Baron Of Scathe or Prince Rex and we would of make sure that our group would of known of you plan.

As I said a small mistake which no one will hold it against you.

When you left you had no idea how many people would choose to leave with you and thus no idea If the remaining people would survive. I clearly stated I would not travel by magic and I am just glad only three of you fled. Are you intending to travel to the tunnels again? I am not suicidal so may have to reconsider my attendance.


Count Isaac Majius
I agree a minor error, not to make sure you aren't leaving people in peril, then of course the other side to it that some people were out of range, making sure everyone is in range before casting would seem like a fairly basic check!!

However that said I am not in any way angry with you, we did escape without incident, and you had contributed hugely all day and even given your life to the cause.

See you next time.

Well it was slightly rash. I wasn't in range of the teleportation so couldn't have travelled even if I had wanted to. I had no idea that anyone was about to teleport.

On a side note, you deserved to cast the plasma bolt spell. I hope this teaches you a lesson.

I'm not mad at you Rhagast!

Although, when your magical teleport-thing went off, I knew it was you which is why I agreed to it. If I'm honest, it seems like everyone here is overreacting a little bit, it was just an honest mistake and misunderstanding, taking it out on Rhagast is pretty unfair.

I think we should talk this out, possibly hug and make up.

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