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Full Version: Back into the fold
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Borthers and sisters.

I apologise for me absence. Ive been away doing my lords work.

Rest assured my focus is once again on this task and my eyes set very much on that back stabbing cu... horrible "Paster".

Where are we up to on all this? any developments, Last I heard everyone was running off to find out what they could.

Yours in faith of Mortai.

Brother Lantern.
Brother Doric!

You've missed lots. I probably covered most of it this morning, but to summarise; stuff happened. We captured G'Nell Winterhaven, the noble who was making everyone insane. Flitvig and Mason put him somewhere safe, where he can't make anyone else sick, which is good news and definately progress! On the flipside, the Reverend is still on the loose, but I think Monty is dealing with that. I've had a few brief words with a couple of people and I think the next part of the plan is to try and find a cure, to do that I think we need to find Gregory, that boy who was really good at alchemy. Well, that or maybe research more. I don't know. There's probably more to know but I'm pretty tired, I only just got Caleb to go to sleep.

You missed some things last outing too. We fought some really nasty people, but it was alright. I was calm, I kept everyone alive, though I got covered in blood from all the wounds and ruined one of my good sashes, always the way huh?

Anyway, I'm sure the others can add more to this, I'm glad you're back though!

Shaehan's Blessings be upon you,

With Love & Hugs,

Prior of Halgar
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