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Full Version: Letter of Intent
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With warm greetings to your Esteemed Company,

I write to you on behalf of a merchant house who wish, until an agreement is reached betwixt our factors, to remain nameless. I am sure that you can understand the need for prudence in these trying times for our beloved city, which is beseiged by the political consequences of the heavy-handed few.

It is my employer's wish to enlist the services of your Company for the resolution of five Problems the house presently faces. However, there is an added level of complexity for which they are prepared to pay your Company a premium rate: it is their wish that these Problems are seen to have been eliminated by a rival merchant house.

My employer understands and appreciates that the mercenary caste possess exceptional skills that have a tendency to leave a very obvious shadow wherever they walk. As such they wish me to express that these Problems must be resolved in a way that does not implicate the mercenary caste; such would render it impossible to paint a picture wherein their rivals are culpable.

Should your Esteemed Company be amenable to such a contract, I would be pleased to pass to you my employer's full briefing regarding the various Problems and the manner in which they would wish to see them resolved. Should you consider it outside your remit, then let us part amicably.

Yours faithfully,

Sunan Quintana
Blue Jay Factors

This sounds like something we might be able to assist you with.

You have thus far furnished us with few details (quite understandably) I am however, happy to make arrangements for a selection of skilled individuals to come along and 'iron out the details'

Should everything be in order then I am sure we can take things in hand.

We are a careful organisation, It would be fair to say we like to 'measure twice and cut once'

a representative.
Greetings to all of the Esteemed Company,

Following a successful meeting between my employer and your representative, I am pleased to be able to divulge to you the following information, and to disseminate with the need to speak in such a veiled manner.

My employers are known as the Cheapside Brokers, a young but successful merchant house within the vibrant city of Deci. In the past years they have been proud to rise within the favour of the King and his court, including securing several prominent contracts with the city's guilds. Recently, however, they have had the misfortune to be opposed by a rival merchant house known as the Slurry Shippers. Living up to their name, this company have risen in power using unsavoury means - but alas, my employers are presently unable to prove any of their delinquencies.

As such, the Brokers have contracted your company to eliminate five high-profile targets within the city of Deci and implicate the Shippers in their deaths. They will provide you on the day with a dossier on the targets and a variety of evidence which you may use to frame the Shippers. It is imperative that mercenaries not be seen to be involved, as this would immediately legally complicate matters, and the Brokers would prefer that the fallout from the deaths go as smoothly as possible. You will therefore be provided also with some more innovative means to eliminate the targets. A ritualist has prepared the necessary rites to shield your work from the prying of seers, oracles, communication priests and the like in such a manner as to not be suspicious.

Furthermore, my employer wishes me to make it clear that whilst several of the targets bear links to the council, the fulfilment of this contract does not represent a strike against the King of Deci or any of his factors. The world of business is a cutthroat one, and there are always necessary casualties in the pursuit of a profit. They have selected the five targets carefully to ensure that there is only the required level of political consequences.

To be clear: whilst the evidence and tools you will be given may make some suggestions as to how the murders are framed, it will be down to you to decide precisely how you approach each target. The agreed contract ensures a base rate of 3,000G per agent your company provides (as is standard for mercenaries), with a bonus available according to how successful the work is. For the purpose of calculating the bonus, each target is a separate contract, and the bonus rate will be agreed between my employer and your appointed representative to ensure accountability.

If your agents would be so kind as to gather within the Tenebrous Tap in the Mercantile Quarter of Deci this coming Sunsday at the traditional mercenarial time, a member of the Brokers will be present to meet you.

Yours sincerely,

Sunan Quintana
Blue Jay Factors
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