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IC brief is up. We have the hiring hall, so it is time in there from 10ish which is the chambers in the Lords house set aside for you.

To save going through on the day can people read up on/make sure they understand:
Target prediction
Force majure
Sabre blasts
General black mana effects
Dominion miracles

And other bits:
Levels of effect - please call the level you are effecting not the level you are casting at.

If an area is in "shadow" it counts as being in magical darkness for things that require such unless another light/twilight is cast. It does not stop you seeing or anything, but would mean if you got +1 DAC in magical darkness you'd get it.

If you have adventurer lucky idea's then feel free to PM with them.



So dungeon one done. If people can let me know what you want to do on the next dungeon at some point.

Without much effort it becomes obvious there are 6 ways from "the rock room".
One leads to the heart tribe, and the others are below.

So broadly I see options as:

Go and see the other "tribes" (horns, shield, axe)
Go to the haunted area where the oryx tribe used to live.
Go the "other way".
Do something crazy that I haven't foreseen.

I'm happy for people to do comms in between dungeons, if you can't comm I'm call with looking into stuff, if you want to pm it to me.

Ideally I need comms this week, and an outcome by end of next week (so by the 16th) on what you want to do.


As I pointed out at the end I would of stay behind and done a bit more investigation into the Tablet (the seal).

Same sort of questions like I asked on the day like the below:

Who made it ?
What sort of magic was bound within it ?
How parts of the seal was broken into ?
And to be truthful anything else linked to the seal ?

This sort of information could you just post up here to all to see or if you wish send it to me private like.

Thanks Iain
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