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Greeting and Blessings from my Lord, his most blessed Emperor of the Jade Empire.

His Imperial Majesty is seeking to hire mercenaries to investigate a strange occurrence in the north of the Empire. The Oracles of the Imperial Court have sought guidance from the Ancestors and Fortunes and it has been found it is wise to seek such help from across Primus, rather than just within our own lands.

A portent has been seen of a large door with a ritual seal upon it, the seal has been broken. The door sits within a mountain range to the North, but we cannot find exactly where.

As yet we are unclear what this means, or why, but Legends tell of a lost clan that travelled to the Mountains before the first Empire formed and was never seen again. It is possible this may be connected.

Any that are interested in investigating this matter should travel to the Lands of Lord Hiri-Su and gather in the chambers he is providing. His lands sit not far from the foothills of the Mountains.

If you are unable to do so yourself we have prepared rituals in Scarlene that can be used to travel to his lands, they are within the Startled Fish tavern.

May the Fates be with you


Greetings Ny-lung,

I will be in attendance on Starsday to aid in the investigation. I have some interest in both ritual and arcane arts and find this quite fascinating. A lost clan, a mysterious door and ritual seals - it all sounds very exciting. I also have a hunch that we should bring vision salves or alternative means to see through darkness as I believe that these will be useful.


Count Isaac Scathe
Knight Courtier
I will be in attendance also. I know the many ways of combatting darkness should it be necessary. I shall have a commune about the legend of the lost clan as although I am aware of the legend I do not know many of the details and also about the ritual seal.

Ayame Rhagast
I will come and make sure Rhagast doesn't cast the light spell. Plus I like dark places. Bede and Bayden are coming too.

I am interested in a full report about what is behind this door and this area of the Mountains.

I will happily pay 10,000 Grulls to the first good report that I receive

Lord Naga Yusaki
Daiymo of the Snake Clan
Warlord of the Shadowlands
Much of my communications have come up blank but i have discovered that the lost clan has been forgotten in a slightly similar way to the night of levity and that the seal has never left primus, which strikes me as odd given that most of the Jade Empire has been part of the mittlenacht at some point in its history. Perhaps some sort of primal link between the lost clan and the seal?
Mysterious Doors, Random seals and pathways through lost places are my specialty... and if Bayden is coming then I guess I will have to come. Make sure he dosen't get into too much trouble.

Prince Presley Rex
Lord of Here and There,
This and That,
Rivers and Streams,
Youth Spring.
well this sounds interesting, no good at magic and rubbish in the dark but i'll come help if i can.

I shall come along and aid where I can. If demons are behind this we will put a stop to them.

His most honourable Jade Emperor would like to offer his thanks for you endeavours.

He would also be grateful if you could continue your investigations into the tunnels and the mysteries that lie within. The path to the ritual site your created is stable so those travelling in the future will be able to travel rapidly to the tunnels without needing to traverse the mountains.

He will, of course, recompense those involved in these endeavours.

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