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Welcome dark one's.

I am Pon Draden guild senior of the West Sea Trading Company. Some of you know me others have seen one of my faces and never knew I was there. What I require of you today is to know your availability and commitment to our business on the date of Orgus 9th.

I await your response.

Pon Draiden.
Ooh it's all very exciting. Contact from one of our 'HIGHER UPS'. I will indeed be available for the date provided and am looking forward to it IMMENSELY. It's all going to be fun. Sneaking around, arrows in the back, I'm ready. Any clues about what we're doing??? I love a good puzzle.

Mr Gold
QUOTE(Elferrick @ Jul 25 2015, 10:39 AM) *
Pon Draiden.

Who the F*CK! are you!?!

You certainly weren't with us when I was allowed to be killed by the sh*tbag that hired us last!

But yes I will be there, need to have a word with our illustrious guild master, that is if he isn't sh*tting himself ing the corner considering what he let happen last time. Not that I'm bitter or anything.... That Cat beast that controlled me was a tw*t and now I'm in control things will be different.

Shitting himself?

Now now Lu...plotting? yes, scheming? absolutely, and gathering contracts for you to take and earn from...but shitting?

Don't flatter yourself.

The beast took you down a path that led to your destruction and nearly the rest of ours too. I promised jobs and they are available, I never promised I'd die to protect you when the beast made you do stupid things.

You want to earn and leave your mark on the world then you know what you have to do, I won't waste either of our time by threatening you but I can promise you that taking me on is not a path to success.

Do what you will.

In the meantime for those that are interested, there are contracts in the offering, measuring and cutting to be done, new tailors to break in and blood to be spilled.

I don't do threats Niccy, "I" understand it was just business, the creature didn't, he'd have torn you a new one without a seconds thought, me? Well I know you supply unwilling lives that I'm more than happy to take, but it will cost you this time, the Cat didn't like money, but I do.

But don't take this attitude for weakness, I serve a new master now and he doesn't take [----] from anyone, but he has created this shiny new body for me from the creatures power to do his bidding, Murder, I have every intention of obeying that request. If he wants you dead, you're dead, but that request hasn't fallen upon my ears yet, so you're all good.

I'll keep being what you want me to be for now, Niccy, your "wall", but lets keep things civil at least, veiled threats do noone anygood and we are more than likely better off working together than at each others throats.

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