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Some things I'd like to see in future almanacs:

- limited availability classes/races - related to a given campaign/idea, but can only be created for a set time period (e.g. until the next almanac).
- limited public statuses - e.g. "liberator of halgar" - anyone who's played a "Halgar demon" event can buy them; or "supporter of evil" - a status about supporting SoFE / another fighting against them.
- statuses relating to departments - e.g. an Inquisition Member status, a Magistrate status.
- ability to buy "demon touched" of different kinds + introduce other types of "touched" - fey, angels, glass, etc...

- campaign background info/settings - particularly for forth coming extended length events (e.g. like Julian and I did for myths last year).
- public CC contract details - e.g. details of global inquisition ones, global kotl and so on.
- details of current supernatural deity/faith power scores (sort of an "Inquisitional Report" on faiths/dragons/powers).
- a list of current 'threats' to the Empire (and wider abroad), to give people an idea of what things our out there to book events on - could be listed with a ref's name, or a master ref name - e.g. demon plot updates or more historically the jade/onyx/magic campaign - what towers were being built, what had been ongoing and so on. For the demon campaign a list of "successes" and locations/things yet to do would be cool.
- IC reports from imperial officials - e.g. Covenant, Inquisition, Chancellory, Mercenary Affairs - just a small detail on things done/things wanting to be done and so on.

Just an initial brainstorm.

Feels the need of a like button 🔲
What huw basically said.

List of refs, with on going plot it would like to run approved plot.
Lots out there but unless you know the right people it's hard to come by.

CC contracts yes, not sure if I like the more 'touched' abilities, feels like cheap and easy stats for no real dis benift atm
Probably "touched" should have a points cost associated with it. You gain it on dungeon and can buy perm for X pts. You can freely buy off dungeon for X+Y pts.

Huw covered most of it to be honest, especially the specific character options based off of plot and other things going on.
New Touched statuses would be really cool.

I also like the idea of CC contract stuff - because I feel as though people should be able to share their CC contracts!

I would like there to be more guilds, and they don't blow up.
More permanent guilds, churches etc so we don't all play the same ones
QUOTE(darkrule233 @ Jul 20 2015, 06:15 PM) *
I also like the idea of CC contract stuff - because I feel as though people should be able to share their CC contracts!

Me too, but for the record that's basically up to the people who have the contracts.

I like all of Huw's ideas smile.gif

The important thing to remember is we are limited to 100 pages smile.gif

There will be a dragon/faith score for cities in the July Almanac.

I'm happy to put in stuff from the inquisition/bastion/anyone really if they send it to me.

All good stuff though.

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