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Full Version: Gobbal themed points apps
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In my continual quest to get my power spend for the sept 3 day I've accepted that I'm going to be rubbish as an armored priest so I thought a different tangent and think about getting some gobbal based abilities.

In particular maybe some interesting sponsorship based points apps.

So if anybody has any thoughts or any sponsorship offers I'd love to hear your thoughts, as always don't let your imagination be constrained by my class or race!

Guild Sponsors - may battleboard Guild abilities - all dungeon pay goes to Guild
And Now A Word From Our Sponsors - Holy/Unholy word - relevant to your alignment
Celebrity Endorsements - well equipped particular potion
Team Logo: Ward of Power/Rune of Power on logo which triggers when player is struck - refillable
Mid Match transfer - may pay x000 Grulls and change Church/Guild for the day
Sponsorship Deal: multiclass which has on dungeon achivements per level - and the bonus/ability you get when you achieve it

+50% effect any potion where you take 10 seconds after consuming to endorse the supplier.

Exclusivity Deal - Immunity to all potions and poisons except your one Sponsored supplier chosen at event start

Free Stuff - you've lost the value of money in your celebrity life style which means you tend to never have as much as you earn - but your sponsors do give you loads of Free stuff... Gains adventurer tradition.

Branded boots - immune to trip / slip / bind and other effects associated with poor footwear.

Sell Out - May never make anything... Once per 6 months someone who does any Make for you does so with +2% chance and at 50% cost... You are then obliged to tell your friends how great their stuff is... all the time - Referees who feel you aren't really pushing the product can destroy the card at the end of the day!
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