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Full Version: Defender of the faith
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Hello again.

My warrior priest is looking to buy Defender of the Faith but I noticed that apart from the increase in Max AC and some life(alwaysuseful) I get a bunch of skills repeated. Has anyone YP to change them for something more useful (able to use plate for instance?)

Many thanks
The cost of the class reflects the duplication

It is a very good and cheap class - I have it as all three if my martial priests (and had it as my Wayfinder back in history before wayfinders got it taken off them)

I have taken it to 8th twice as a crusading priest and as a spirit warrior with excellent results

Not asking for specifics but what did you look to gain taking it to 8the?
Both had - warrior life, may join warrior guilds and a specialist by 8th

Crusading priest version (who chad a class change to give him monk specialists and armour / item / potion restriction) got buy 3 abilities a monk and Budoka can both buy at the higher table and cost

The spirit warrior got - buy life as 1st class warrior, distancing abilities as first class warrior and may buy Quin in B and O as warrior. He also got one total heal per day he already owns is cast on him OOC by his god prepped. Extra for 100 points
Many thanks for that certainly gives me food for thought for the future.
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