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Full Version: Elven Pathfinder MC or MR ideas please
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I've got a goodly elven/drave pathfinder and already starting to think about direction to go in. He is more 'Tomb Clearer' than 'Tomb Raider'. Anyone got any standard or fun ideas for MC &/or MR?
Ta much
That's not much to go on/work with. What sort of drave? What sort of background?

Without hooks, then the generic answers make sense:

- power (wizard probably, but consider a PowerMaster style alternative... The magic half anyhow)

- stealthy stuff: from Stalker there is a lot you can do. Better use elvern stuff as an alternative route in (eg embody elemental based ideas eg, earth - shift at will 5mins, walk through walls, etc)

- and artefact/warding comms will always be helpful. Maybe a silver variant of Rogue.

But it is all rather generic...

Or you could go berserker of course. A short, glorious alternative.

Bit left field but you're power is based on having a blessed scarecrow as a 'decoy', tombs are mainly spiritual based and so you send the decoy to trigger things.

bit of an upgrade and it lures things with spirit sight away..

On a stats based m/c it would all be about combat wary applying vs things that can't see you, i assume you're an ebony drave?

being one of a wave - you get to know their stats as you hang around when they get briefed, building up to getting some of their stats as you blend in..
Sorry for being vague. He is a Gold Drave pathfinder. Thanks for the ideas smile.gif
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