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Full Version: Winter elf ranger - Tradition means no armour except bug bear fur
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1) So I got a "lucky" dip and my tradition allows no armour except bug bear furs (very cool and I like the RP opportunities ) but how easy it that to obtain and what PAC does it grant.

2) One of the options I was looking at was going wind dancer but cant as a Ranger standardly, but even if YP'd that means no armour at all... so depending on the above, I guess it will be a question whether to ask for only bug bear armour to be allowed. worth pursuing?
Organise a dungeon to go hunt bugbears in the North?
There was some talk of an Of The North GS - I'm sure a ref would be only too willing to let you go hunt bugbears, what PAC would prolly depend on the bugbear.
Alternatively could advertise and pay someone to hunt one for you?

PAC 1 per monster playing the bugbear wink.gif

If bugbear furs are hard to come by on or off dungeon, you could also YP something that builds upon your tradition like -

Natural Born Hunter - When not out earnings grulls as a merc, likes nothing more than to go hunting bugbears! Gains one adventure temp suit of bugbear each dungeon.

Then go for enhancements on that, like increases in PAC value of armour, and trusty old/well made furs type ability. You could even combined it with a CCP to become a renowned Bugbear Hunter.

Good ideas all, much appreciate the assistance.
Except Huw, you are a sick monkey.
I thought bug bear fur WAS the only armour that Winter elves could wear?
QUOTE(Abel @ Mar 25 2015, 03:28 PM) *
I thought bug bear fur WAS the only armour that Winter elves could wear?

That changed years ago smile.gif

QUOTE(gormaden @ Mar 25 2015, 02:12 PM) *
Good ideas all, much appreciate the assistance.

If you haven't got any before then (and even if you have) - I'd give this a go

QUOTE(sonof @ Mar 26 2015, 04:49 PM) *
As mentioned in the Almanac there is a plan to have "market days" in the tavern periodically. The intention is for these to happen over lunch time and provide a chance for a bit of in character (ish) trading of stuff.

23rd May - The Alguz Fur traders market.

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