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Most customers are welcome (no outlaws).

Ebony and Gold teaching scrolls are available at 1500 grulls per mana of the spell. Discounts available for bulk purchases. More basic teaching scrolls of gold and ebony spells are available for 200grull, plus 100 grulls per mana of the spell.

Magical trinkets of basic Gold, Ebony, and Grey spells are available at 3000 grulls per mana bound. A maximum if 15 mana can be bound to one object, or 10 if you wish it bound against death. Binding against death increases the cost by 5000grulls.

Magical weapons are available for 15,000 grulls each, again for an extra 5000 grulls they can be bound against death.

I will also buy the rights to an elemental/magical place of power that is untapped for 3000 grulls.

Tarquin Stoneheart

Currently in Stock (Note some of these were asked for but the individuals have not collected them yet, however should they still wish them I can make more).

Gold Teaching Scrolls ~
Repulsion - 1 copy
Attraction - 9 copies
Personal Haven - 2 copies
greater Shield (other) - 1 Copy
Pacification - 1 copy
Force Cage - 2 copies

Ebony Teaching Scrolls ~
Pass Unknown - 7 copies
Aching Heart - 4 copies
Agony - 3 copies
See through Mists - 5 Copies
Pact with the Ebony Drake - 7 Copies
Evasion - 4 Copies
Trick of the Ear - 1 Copy
Enhanced Spell Shield - 3 Copies
Forget - 3 copies
Change Appearance - 2 Copies
Torment - 5 Copies
Ebon Claw - 1 Copy
Greater Escape - 1 Copy

I do believe I already have an order in with yourself could you confirm receipt (my elementals occasionally get dispelled before they make it out of them room) and advise as to probable date of delivery.
Also are you able to manufacture Grey Teaching Scrolls?

Many Thanks

You do Reinhart and it will be completed this weekend.
Unfortunately no, I'd suggest Palewise for those.

I have updated my prices and current stock.

Lord Stoneheart,

I have a query can you manufacture a pure weapon of Ebon Magic?

I can't I'm afraid, If anyone could it would be Palewise or Asta.

I am looking for a Magic Hammer to smash people with.

How much notes it will cost ?.

Mr Tarquin sir, do you still have an Evasion Teaching scroll for sale?

My thanks

Good afternoon.

Do u still have a copy of see through mists that I could buy.

Milenko and Abbas,

If I don't still have them I can make them for you.

Mr Tarquin

I have found a scribe in the meantime, I no longer require your services

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