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Full Version: So you want someone Assassinated?
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This is an Out of Character Post.

Because of the nature of the ‘service’ there is an element that is /OOC, this is to ensure that this game element is open to as little abuse as possible particularly where those potential abuses could be very easily used to diminish the fun of any number of players.

If a character wishes to take a contract out on another character then the player must follow the below process –

1. Fill in the ‘assassination form’ which is available in the downloads section of the forums under ‘booking forms’ or click me. Email the completed form to me at

2. I will approve all contracts except –
a. Contracts on any of my alts which must be sent to Wayne at
b. Contracts of a controversial nature which will be discussed with Duncan/Lee

3. Once approved, payment must be left behind the desk with a copy of the form in an envelope

4. If a contract is not approved you will be messaged but not necessarily told why.

what happens next?

Once funds and form are behind the desk they will be moved to a Black folder, and you will be notified that the contract is active.
The Black Folder is only viewable by myself and Wayne
Target details will be recorded in a ‘Black Book’ which will have all pertinent information from the assassination form but will exclude details of the hirer.
The book will be kept with the folder
The book is only viewable by WSTC guild members who are named in a list on the front of the black folder behind the desk.
Contracts on alts of WSTC guild members will be kept separate from the normal Black folder and will not be listed in the ‘Black Book’, they will remain in digital format with me except contracts on my alts which will remain in digital format with Wayne.
Payment in these cases should be left in an envelope marked for me (or Wayne where my alts are concerned) with a short note inside linking it to whatever contract it is for.
The Hirer can always cancel the contract but will lose 25% of the payment.
Cancellation of a contract can only occur at the end of a day after any dungeons hosting a ‘target’ have completed and are ‘Time Out’ and even then only if the target has not been assassinated.
Should a target find out (/OOC) that they have had a contract taken out on them then there is a risk that the contract will be cancelled and depending on the circumstances the fee may be lost.

ref's note – happy to take contracts from NPC's smile.gif
I like it but would like to get a guarantee that if the target is on an event upon which there is also at least 1 WSTC member and they are aware of the contract, they will guarantee to "have a decent go". Otherwise, my grulls just sit therefore ever potentially.

Also, are you prices split by various degrees of harm?

Taking the person aside at an opportune moment and letting them know it could have been a knife (a warning)
A beating to unconscious
A killing
A killing and taking of the body / making it impossible to be restored


You worried about the relationship between Tai and his New Lord Battle David?
How do we find out about the service IC? How do we know it exists?
Okay so there isn't a price list as such. you should download a copy of the form as it answers some of your questions.

its up to the 'customer' to put as much money as they want on it.

for example, you put up 3k then no one is going to looking to necessarily take all the associated risks and book onto the correct dungeon, you put up 100k and you will find a good chance that half the party on the dungeon with the target are assassins because they will go where the money is.

we don't do 'warnings'

we do variations on the theme of death ranging from death to perm, there are tick boxes (I kid you not) on the form for this sort of thing.

so its probably not worth putting a paltry sum down as you say, it will sit there for a long time unless a really easy kill opportunity presents itself but if you put down big bucks then you are pretty much assured the murder of your dreams smile.gif
An OOC list of costs and services would be quite useful for those interested. (I'm not interested).
QUOTE(DanM @ Mar 6 2015, 04:08 PM) *
How do we find out about the service IC? How do we know it exists?

That's left a bit up to you.

The reality is that the world of labyrinthe is not running 24/7 except perhaps on these forums which is why some of this inevitably seeps out into /OOC.

The way I would present it is that you 'know people', you 'put the word out' that you are looking for someone to make a problem go away, perhaps you have friends that you can speak more plainly to, and in a short period of time you are contacted by someone who knows that you are looking to hire an assassin.

They may well have checked you out but when they are ready then they make themselves known to you at a time of their choosing, perhaps they wait until you are at your local tavern and then speak with you and then go from there, perhaps they come to your house after your family have gone to sleep and speak with you or they pull you aside while you are at your favorite brothel.

QUOTE(Ryan @ Mar 6 2015, 04:05 PM) *
You worried about the relationship between Tai and his New Lord Battle David?

Nah, threesomes all good.

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