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Redman's friend was talking about buying Commoner so I said I'd see if anyone had any decent upgrades or mileage from it

Redman's friend is probably an AP so the Disease aspect and poison aspects aren't so interesting
It's awful. Don't do it. The DAC you get doesn't justify the los of PAC, and if you don't need disease or poison then there's going to be something better to spend your points on.

Commoner is pretty terrible. Remember the frog and the scorpion. The AP would gladly buy commoner just to trick you into having it too and drag you down with him.

That said, you could probably get:

Pathetic: Solitaire while unconscious

Needy: +3/1 base life for each different person you receive a beneficial effect from each day

Scrimp and save: Don't lose armour uses, get one extra use out of items

Held together with spit and string: Your equipment isn't completely trashed, you just have to know how to care for it. If anyone other than you uses any of your weapons or armour, it shatters on the first blow.

Affected by primal gravity: There are always peasants on the road to the adventure. Regardless of how secret a mission may be, you can always just turn up on dungeon after the brief by pure coincidence as determined by the ref.

Unimportant: You are no longer fully outlawed for being an AP. You are instead ostracized and there is a 100 grull bounty on your head.
This is exactly the level of gold I was hoping for! Good work Leo, anyone else?
If you wanted to push it further...

The great freedom: 1/day As per the servitude miracle, but affecting nobility rather than high level undead. Verbal: the full version of the great freedom.
Resilience of the Common Man: The common man is used to being trampled on, controlled and pushed around by those of a higher nature, so he learns subtle ways of resisting, thwarting and overcoming these problems. This is a status:

Resilience of the Common Man I: under any domination effects I may at my discretion engage in "malicious compliance" i.e. interpret the commands given literally and contrary to their spirit, even if for instance spiritually mastered by someone of a higher level.
Resilience of the Common Man II: [post ROTC I] fully stacking live to minus 6
Resilience of the Common Man III: [post ROTC II] listed stopping effects last for a maximum of 30 seconds on me or one tenth of their normal duration if normally longer than 5 minutes

Inobtrusive: (1/day for 15 minutes) I am just a regular guy, hardly worth noticing, and will be ignored by any monster with a mind unless (1) I actively participate in combat or use special abilities (in which case the ability goes down) or (2) the monster in question is hell-bent on destroying the local peons (ref's / monster's discretion applies).

Unsophistication: (30, 3 for daily uses) requires 30 seconds conversation with target (and my part in conversation must be relatively unsophisticated); gives unlimited levels physical beguile but only to persuade the person I am talking to that I am unsophisticated and things connected with my being unsophisticated, such as that I cannot possibly know certain important information or cannot possibly have become involved in some important action or cannot possibly be a threat in the face of sophisticated defences or similar; does not cause the person to believe I am their friend, rather causes them to believe that I am highly unsophisticated and to take an exaggerated attitude towards my unsophistication and its consequences/corollaries.

Common Man's Ghost: (1/day) I can ghost over a line, provided I am not carrying anything imbued with a non-physical powerbase, because the line just wasn't set up to catch unimportant people like me. This may not work on a line of outermost defence (ref's discretion applies), but will work on any line which is not the outermost defence (i.e. which peons would not normally reach).

Dirty Fighting: I gain first grade of Backstab and may buy the standard Scout tables ability what's-it-called-Dirty Fighter? (The base damage increase similar to Veteran Fighter if memory serves.)

Knowing My Place: immunity to any emotion attack which would cause me to want something or which is based on material temptation, because I know I am not good enough for whatever it is. (E.g. an emotion attack which would tempt me to take certain treasure.) Also confers immunity to any similar effects in the referee's discretion, including any emotion effects which would primarily cause me to act above my station or to act with arrogance (ref's discretion applies). May not have Megalomania.

Used to the Stink: olfactory effects if durational have their duration reduced by a factor of 10 and otherwise are halved in effect; an olfactory disease or similar olfactory progressive effect only progresses at the normal rate but stops after one tenth of its normal duration and as such in most cases will not be fatal.

Flatulence: (80, 3 for daily uses) area effect mass physical Stasis 9 levels 10' radius; immunity to olfactory attacks applies. Must be preceded by an audible farting sound. Does not affect me. (Everyone loves the smell of their own farts.) Those affected rather than being completely still instead retch and gag.

And best of all -

Peon: I may acquire the standard Tables ability of Peon for 5 points instead of the normal cost of [20?].
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