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Updates to guild benefits will appear in here in between Almanacs.

I know the Almanac is only just out but it's based on end of June data, so:

Knight errant - Have done a guild special so can claim advance tier.

In purity - Have their top tier back.

• Gains a second use of Infused with Light. May use both innates at the same time to turn a weapon +0 spirit (goodly) vs Undead for 5 minutes.
• Attract Undead 1/day
• Gains a second use of the "Purity" Holy word.
• If has used the basic tier "Know your foe" ability vs a single specific undead gains the benefits of a know foe vs them, this also grants immunity to any undead touch effects they may have.

And Top Secret is back!!!

• 1st class scout classes may join freely. 2nd class scout classes may join with guilds heads permission
• Ethos This is a professional guild for scouts – any type will do. Desperate to gather as many active members as they can they open their doors far and wide.
• This leads to a group of sly fellows and lasses, with a variety of talents and probably too many daggers between them.
• Despite the variety of guildies this attracts, the guild is primarily one offering mutual support amongst its members.
• Members must seek to support the guild and fellow guild members.
• Anyone killing a fellow guild member whilst under their own free will is immediately expelled from the guild, and if on a guild special may do nothing except to seek to leave the adventure. The guild head may chose to override this.
• Last nights lessons – Gains a standard scout skill not owned already, or + 1 level in a skill owned (on dungeon only) to a max of 12.
• Ear to the ground – Acts a pre-dungeon major prayer about useful things to know, this could be equipment to have, skills to know, or anything relevant.
• Evade 2/day – Grants combat wary (which must be owned) vs one blow (even if used in the last 5 minutes), must be declared within 2 seconds of the blow.
• Members gain their basic 6 point allowance for free (5 potions). If they already gain it for another reason then they gain an extra three additional 6 points.


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