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Full Version: New Make rules
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So, after some arguments (thanks Sam) with the forums the new make rules are up.
Magic and Spirit is mostly the same. Magic items are slightly cheaper and standard teaching scrolls are now significantly easier and cheaper to make, and don't cost a level.

The Smithing skill is improved to make it worth using, and the advance smithing skills have moved in line with the rest of the make system.

The Druid make system is now in line with the rest of the make systems, although this makes it slightly weaker. Teaching scrolls have NOT been added, and are unlikely to be, but there is a balance for this in the Druid book.

Neuronics are changed and some cool options added in.

Scouts can now make "item potions" and recipe books. This is the biggest change, and the area likely to have problems. You will find some additional potion names on the potion lists, these will come out with the new scout book, so are just a tease.

As with all new rules if people find problems with these then please let me know so they can be changed. If there are problems we will fix them smile.gif

So here's the book:;showfile=181

Presumably witches can purchase the new recipies/make abilities etc as normal?

Interesting times ahead,

Regards armour, how is elven armour effected?
Cost to but from the desk is still double, players it isn't.

Does that mean elfs can no longer get mc metal armour, did I read you can only get ac3 from desk now?
where are the new crafting "multi classes" to be located, or is it in some future publication??
To be published with the new "Evolution", coming soon to a cave near you!
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