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Full Version: Rage MC
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Rage MC's seem to have become popular non standards for fighty types over the last few years.

For those of you who have gone down this route:

1. What should a good rage MC include?

2. Are they mainly for fighty types who could not easily justify a percentile damage reduction another way (such as due to being made of rock, or being a high table pure warrior)?

Personally I think first class warrior subclass territory and if made of rock get a fractional not a percentile!

I went for more 25%s

25%s are now 33%

33% and 50% make 66%

more 50%

Rages > 50% are Calm and 50% and over are Cold

2x 50% is a 75% Berserk no questions asked no escaping it - Never used that...
Temp life. Lots and lots of temp life.
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