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So I've very nearly got my first 10k Character.

How far can you push the 10k gift thing. I mean I know you can break a system rule but how much can you break it?

What kinda stuff have people got?
Personally I think go big and work down based on GSM feedback - I'd probably apply 2-3 times to get it right!

People go for massive flavour or ridiculous stats, Rarely in the middle from what I have seen but broadly a lot seems possible!
Obviously they all unique but they generally make you better at what you can do already, or give you something new to do. I have used mine to get round own restrictions and break system rules but I tend to look at it as a way to get an oppertunity to contribute in all dungeons as much as possiable. You never get much, if any, discount on them so worth saving up a chunk of points for, and as Ryan says, go big.

For Gimly I have my damage reductions alway win, loc only innate and cancel out my previous max damage quad restriction.
For my psi master I have can multiclass wizard, from multiclass priest, so doing a bit of Carlo and going properly in to 4 brackets.
For Truft i did have break webdale rule, but now need a new one, will probably go for perm rockskin
My personal view of a 10k gift is you have a few options for them:

I really win - You accept you win. Mostly this is relevant for bracket pure people. You only play the character on big dungeons/themedays because you have nothing left to buy.

I'd like to play another 10k - Use your 10k gift to get a buy as that means you can keep going for another 10k. Again mostly relevant for bracket pure.

Cool idea - You have an idea of what you want your character to do, but it doesn't really fit in power bases/brackets normally, so use your 10k gift to put a load of stuff together to make something cool.

Hard but Dull - Such classics as Max A/C 18, +50% life, and others.

BBB - You somehow manage to get a 10k gift that should cost 100 points on table 3.

Owl's was impressive for the time but it's virtually standard now - Tri-Class to 1st Class Non-Pathed Brown Wizard.

Tsu-Ling, you know I don't think he's got one (I'm sure Dale will correct me). I think the one I sort of applied for I was told its not a 10k gift its just an appropriate progression, which was a limited buy as 1st Class Priest. Again virtually standard now!

Anath's is, well, what I've applied for is unlikely to be bought! Might re-apply for it under the Dale GSM tenure but IC Anath is too much of a coward to leave his office whilst there are still people out there messing around with Rebirth (he's on 0%) hopefully I'll get to play him next year if I save enough points to buy one before I perm I'll apply for one! wink.gif

Different GSMs have approached them differently. I've always felt they should either "Up a Character's Game" or "Add a significant new string to their bow"

Best answer is, as was said earlier, think of something big and take it from there. I'm sure Lee will be open to some discussion for guidance.

For my ratfolk assassin I have MC 1st class bronze wizard...

Some people believe it actually depowers me, but the verbals are cool and the role-play is fun

Personally I think you ought to go for something that defines your progression to 10K. It can be potent and coll but should be IC explainable. Ascention type things, a potent MC expanding powers you already have or a set of cool small things

Or you could MC bronze wizard... fool

I agree with David

Something defined by your progress to 10k

As Jonas I had 2 options:

MC 8th level 1st class pure priest of Elbereth (very tough - devotion etc)


1st colour all colour wizard - not as potent but very much me.

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