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Not written a Tradition before so would like some feedback on if I am pitching the below at the right level for an orc Psi Master.


Your quintessential marauding orc. After years of raiding peon villages has led to him being a true raider.
    Maximum damage Quin in 2 Hands
    Marauding rage 1/Day. May inspire a primal fear in peons (those without vitee) for 5 mins by "growling" at the targets.
    Spoils of the raid - gains 12 ISPs worth of temp item selected at the beginning of the day. This is representative of his knack for grabbing loot whilst on a raid.
    Frenzied fighter - may buy Adrenal & Mighty Surges as per a 1st Class Warrior.


Its a little bit potent for a Tradition so might be expensive if passed.

For various reasons I'd probably avoid putting in Quin, especially as Quin is published for Psi-Masters .

I'm not sure that I can condone quin for a psi master just because you don't have enough life without a shield!

I'd possibly go for FAP in the tradition f you do want to go B class and maybe use a mastery to upgrade your distancing so you can get up to 9/3 easily.

Fear peons is a bit pointless? unless you're going to blag that elementals don't have vitea?

Maybe an upgrade to psi whip that makes it mass but only fx 4lvs and below.

What are you actually going to use 12 isp for it doesnt really go that far?

You could probably do something cool regarding your psycic aura of fear and how that effects your opponents.

Also psi master 1st-8th are terrible after a certain point, so swapping them for something better early doors is a winner or looking at making them do something else.

Marauding raider

Scary orc
1/day gains intimidate as per bully boy vs. One oppenent I must be acting in a hostile manner.

Knocking down the doors/ knocking out the villagers.
1/day per 2 tables achieved gains 1 knockback and one knockdown.

The shakedown
Gains 25% more grulls from treasure taken off dungeon

Unarmed peasants
Is so use to fighting unarmed peons gains distancing and may purchase distancing type abilities 1 table earlier.

Just some ideas lol

Also I would look at using non standard neuronics to gain mighty strikes and adrenal surge type abilities.
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