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Full Version: Last hit supernatural
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Maybe I'm just out of touch with the world but I sort of thought that last HTK supernatural and similar was really the realm of pure power users.

But in the last couple of threads people have been suggesting them for 1st class warriors!

Should I just be putting last 1/1 supernatural at the end of all my points apps regardless of class?

Seems a bit strange to me but if that's the way it is now maybe I need to update my points app writing.
I think certain characters have scope for it - but I concur last 1/1 supernatural should not be the domain of bracket locket first class warriors without top justification!
Kind of agree. Hopefully there will be some good stuff in the new publications for bracket locked 1st class Warriors.
For my bracket locked wizards multicrace.... Lee out May not enter warrior bracket.

So good luck I reckon. 1st class warriors shouldn't have that
I didn't mention it myself, others did.
But when the term 'Get Outs' is commonly used, maybe Last Hit 'something in keeping with the character' can sometimes be reasonable
I think it really depends on what you race/m/r is. As a 1st class warrior/angel of war, last pt of live to minus & negative locs spirit only in 7th/8th seems entirely reasonable. Probably positive 1/1 on T11/12. A 1st class warrior/bruckasaurus, less so, but then you'd get "can only be killed by weapon blows", so its swings and roundabouts. Some good in some situations, some in others; its all points you could have spent on other things.

Also, last hit supernatural as a warrior isn't actually very good at higher level since 90% of things on most dungeons will have some kind of supernatural attack. So, by the time you get to T11+ and are able to buy it, it's probably wasted points. Supernatural hits on the other hand is a different kettle of fish because of the damage reduction potential 1/2 colours and the like provide.

I have last 1/1 magic/spirit only passed for my 1st class bracket locked budoka based on being an angel. It was 300pts for unconscious on T11, 300 more points for positive 1/1 on T12. I decided not to waste the 600pts on it.

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