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Full Version: New Campaign - Aria's Song
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I intend to run a 4 part campaign over 2 weekends next year. It is tentatively called "Aria's Song". There's no set level as yet, so I'm open for people suggesting what level they'd like. The sooner people say - I'd like to play X, the sooner I'll stick a level in.

I've emailed Duncan to book the dates, so things should go up fairly soon. All are caves dungeons at the moment over both Sat & Sun as that gives more plot time. If there's enough interest we could potentially include a forum-style evening between the Sat & Sun.

June 13th & 14th.
Sept 12th & 13th.

I'd be interested in monstering it and should be fine to get the weekends off work this far in advance if you're looking for crew.
And I thought booking my xmas meal in august was depressingly far in advance..

Any other details?
Stacey - that would be amazing, thanks. Dave Stotesbury has also signed up too.

In terms of the event it'll be broadly high fantasy style, with some loose links back to past Dales stuff, old legions, battles and historical things of the past coming forward once more. There'll be a good smattering of "blood and sand", heroes, villains and of course lots of plot and carnage.

I'll mention that Aria was the name of the Silent/Symphony assassin that got away on myths... which maybe provides some context to "Aria's Song" wink.gif

It won't be Dales based, but I like things to come from somewhere real & defined, so there's some background hooks into where at least one potential villain comes from (though as you might expect it's a whole new story and series of events & will be far more than just "here's Aria!" - she may not even figure at all face to face; who knows) smile.gif

Max 750?
Well now I know it's linked to dales wink.gif snow!

Ye said I'll ref. reserve the right to pull out of September due to expecting to be away for 6 months around that time. June should defiantly be able to do...

Stuck in my diary, will come along and a-ref/monster/kill people with daggers.
Awesome smile.gif

Oh good, more chances to be assasinated by rebecca. smile.gif

I'll have you know there were several opportunities to assassinate you that I did not take. I am the very model of restraint.

(I cannot account for the restraint levels of any other refs - I mean people - who may or may not have played Aria at points).
That assassin still owes me 100 grulls. I am going to play Liara just to recover that smile.gif

Preferably a max 1k or lower or over a max 2k
I'd be interested in trying this, 3k or 4k ideally.

Currently, would like it if it was over 2k max 4 maybe.
But that all depends whether my character makes it through the end of the year, seeming as though I'm on a Halloween special, that you're
Reffing smile.gif
These are now open for booking. Given the interest, I'm going to pitch at around 4k I think, though can flex a little nearer the time.

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