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Full Version: Looking for Crew for the Pirate Dungeons
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So after two great games at the end of August we've got another ramble of the Bloody Corsairs booked for 19th October. We already have a ref booked in the form of Brett, we also have 11 players booked we're now just after a crew!

The first two dungeons were really good fun with well written, well rounded parts throughout. They were a barrell of laughs and as such I'd hope that anyone who does book on to crew will have a fun day.

Not to mention anyone crewing will be doing a favour for myself, Grant, Jasper and others...which will no doubt go returned in the future.

So don't be shy, book on now!

can I do lots of camp Pirate noises..? Im in (will check with the lady diary and confirm)
Boo... I wanted to monster the other one and had to book off and I can't do that date either... :\
Sad times...Marcos, any accents/noises you do will be well received and indeed reciprocated.

Going to check the book and will see smile.gif
Booked to Monster the 19th
Sorry am areffing end of year stuff sad.gif
Awesome Ryan, you get a gold star mega awesome award from me!

Ahboooo Fi (but thanks for checking!)

Marcos, you could have an award like Ryan if you click that button...go on.

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