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Full Version: Vanish and Collection
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As my Green Wizard I think when a Wizard casts the Vanish spell they go to this vast plane of water i.e. they have vanished on the tide, and are returned when the tide turns. Or are salvaged when the Collection spell is cast.

I would like to do a points app saying that 1/day I can retrieve an object that has been put on the plane by another caster of the Vanish spell or something similar but I don't know how to word it.

i.e. something like Flotsam and Jetsam lets me retrieve the exact object that I need from the Sea of Vanishment or something similar.

Stuart K
If you can, effectively, summon anything that could include the mystic sword of "monster of the week slaying" or an item of 20 Disruptions, or the forcewall key etc.

I think you'd need to come up with a sensible way of defining what it is that you can conjure up.
Having it only stay for 5 mins would make sense too, as the vanish spell wears off and it goes back to where it came from?
1/day may cast collection to recover an item of upto 20isp which can not be impervious to a normal vanish (not spiritual and not master crafted etc.)
May cast collection on anything he has seen vanished would probably be fairly useful.

Lost ticket - The green mana dragon loses your cloakroom ticket, in an effort to maintain his high level of customer service he quickly gives back the first thing that comes to hand hoping that you don't notice. unfortunately he's not known for his knowledge of swords and maces and so often confuses one for the other. When cast on a weapon it is considered replaced with the opposite weapon type for 5 mins until the green mana dragon sorts it out. immunity to vanish applies.

Useful for killing both wpn masters, kenzi and all forms of weapon wielding priests...

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