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Full Version: Unwritten Craft - invitation to apply
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Do you want to play a rogue or wayfinder or high wizard without having to be able to read and write some funny script? Would you also like to be a member of a mildly dodgy secret society operating across Primus? Or are you just a fan of temp immunity to info fx? Then this might be for you :-)

This is the text of a points-app of mine (passed cheaply for me) which I would invite anyone to copy who wants to. Obviously I can't guarantee that it will be passed for your character but it was passed for mine (a character yet to be started) at a very reasonable cost. The GSM has not made any comment to me about other people applying for similar, so I am basing this post purely on the info in the points-app itself (see below).

First, the info in the "relevant information about your character" box:-

This points-app is intended to be a generic way of representing membership of a secret society, the Fellowship of the Unwritten Craft, which teaches magical and spiritual powers via oral tradition, as well as providing certain other training so as to enable members to protect the society. As such the intention would be that if this ability is passed then the main text (this and the below) can be published on the yellow paper subforum so that other players can apply for it (with minor individual variations) to represent membership of the same society. It is not intended to be restricted to characters from [my character's nation of origin], or to 1st class Rogues/Wayfinders – it is open to all. However obviously the original class of the character purchasing this ability will be relevant to its appropriate cost. The society generally disapproves of writing things down because secrets can be discovered by outsiders if the writing is found. Therefore all members of the society swear never to write down secrets. Whether they strictly keep that promise is another matter but they can never read glyphs or runes.

Now the operative text of the ability (GSM's edits are in italics or as a strike-through):-


Can never read/write (even Common).

I gain “Secrecy” 1/day, granting me immunity to magical and spiritual information effects for 5 minutes; I must briefly cover my eyes, then ears, then lips using both hands to activate this.

I cannot use Read Languages or Read Glyphs. I cannot ever read Ogham, glyphs or spirit runes. Any class requirement to be able to do so is waived. I cannot use instructional scriptures or teaching scrolls. All Specialist glyphs must be learnt with points, not gained on adventure as pay etc. If a (1st or 2nd class) Rogue, instead of gaining Read Glyphs and Languages from that class, I gain Discern Associated Mana at 2nd level Rogue and I may fill two Specialist glyph slots with handbook colour basic glyphs of my choice for free – either a 2-mana glyph at 2nd level and a 4-mana glyph at 4th level, or alternatively a 3-mana glyph at 3rd level and a 3-mana glyph at 4th level. If a (1st or 2nd class) Wayfinder, instead of gaining Read Runes from that class, I gain a 60-spirit hermit list (meeting all normal requirements, e.g. monster points cost).

Where a scout subclass gives me a weapon mastery in dagger as a pre-selected choice of basic ability (1st-8th), I may instead choose 1st weapon mastery in any O-class weapon I can use.

I can recognise Fellows of the Unwritten Craft (I am such) just as druids recognise each other.

This all applies from 1st level & must be chosen at 1st level & be my first ability bought post-8th.

Clearly can never use scriptures / teaching scrolls / similar.

Cost: [not saying!] Table: 1 Auth: [Lee's squiggle]

Obviously as Lee's edits impact on the ability slightly, if you apply for an ability modelled on this it could be re-worded to be a neater reflection of the combination of his edits and the original wording. Certainly, I envisage people applying for this with minor variations but still specifically as part of the Fellowship of the Unwritten Craft. Some of the wording of the above ability is unlikely to ever be relevant to my actual character but I included it because I intended this to be a generic ability which others could copy if they wanted to.

If you apply for this as a points-app you might want to include a link to this thread in the "relevant information about your character" box, to remind Lee about what he passed for my character, which may of course be different to what he passes or fails for yours.

If you apply for something based on this, as a Fellowship of the Unwritten Craft ability, and it is passed or failed for you then if you felt inclined to mention that and any other details on this thread that would be much appreciated, and could also assist in gauging interest for a guild open to people from across Primus, guild specials etc. However if you prefer to keep your character's info completely secret then obviously given the nature of the secret society that is understood!
Looking again at this to be honest I can't entirely decipher Lee's hieroglyphs and it may be he intended to strike through the entire Secrecy ability. I will reveal all once I get the ability signed on! Haven't started the character yet so that may be a while.
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