Saturdays overland at J6...
You need some details.

You will need to bring lunch (in a cool bag) or with some means to keep it fresh as it will be kept in a car to avoid it getting eaten by cows!
You will need to bring lots of liquid to drink as there is nowhere to get drinks on site and its going to be hot! (Whatever you'd normally have, double it, you can always take it home again).
You will need to bring and apply your own sunscreen!

Arrival time is between 09:30 and 10:00. Do not arrive much earlier as there will be no-one to let you on site.
Finish time will be at 19:00. Parents please do not be late to collect and we will try and ensure your child is ready to leave at 19:00.

Directions to the site are below:
From the caves, turn off the M25 at J6
At the roundabout take the 4th exit on to the A22
A few minutes up that road you'll find a set of traffic lights.
Turn left at the lights
Immediately then use the turning on the right to effect a U turn, so you're heading back to the traffic lights.
At those traffic lights turn right, so you're heading back down the A22 towards the roundabout/M25
Before you get to the roundabout though, only a little way down the road from the traffic lights, turn off the A22 onto a small dirt track.