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Full Version: Character idea and abilities needing approval
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I have come up with ideas for a new assassin character but I need somebody to balance the ideas and tell me what I can and can't do. I will need to level this character, but I'm still asking for the future

I'll start with the back story; I was a freelance assassin, who was pretty good at their job. I got some good contracts and made some good kills. until one contract from a suspicious character who
wouldn't show their face game me a contract to kill a certain holy cleric who preaches at a temple. I accepted, and I was on my way to kill this man. When I was about to kill him, something about
the place wasn't right so I decided to just leave. The man that I was contracted to kill appeared in front of me and he thrust a knife into my heart, killing me. After I had died, the person who had
contracted me to kill the cleric visited me in the nether realm (sorry if this is not part of official lore) and admitted he was the ruler of the nether realm. Then he agreed to resurrect me with new
demonic powers to for fill my contract. After doing so he agreed to keep me alive as his personal assassin.

Do tell me if anything needs changing so it applies to official lore.

As for the abilities that I thought up:

I had a plan to attach a throwing knife to a thin rope so that after throwing I could reel it in with a contraption on my wrist. This could do some kind of ability like pull the target to me
(if that's against rules, please tell me)

Also, since I am a 'demon' I thought that I could be immune to fire damage, but weak to holy damage or something like that to balance it. Or even have something like 'true form' that makes me
a proper demon for more damage (this would of course have a balanced down side)

If you can think of anything else that is more fair, or you like my ideas please alter them as you please and let me know what you come up with

Thanks :3
I would consider getting 1/2 cold damage based on this video
Multi race fire demon as the first thing you buy post 8th. Then just apply for attract life as an non-standard (a standardly used in game effect) as a demon, but you can role play it based on using the dagger on a string.

With regards to lore, that is easy to ignore, it is what happened on your home realm, you were sent to primus by your master to work post resurrection. That way you get to keep the story you want and don't mess with cannon law of the game world.
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