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So whats the general consensus on how to make a mancer work?

I've got a points app for a mancer as per elisian but human somewhere so thats my base.

But what are peoples thoughts on how to make them playable(enjoyable) at about 1K?

My current thoughts are somekind of multiclass that gives more mana/spirits and gets rid of the buy as?

Or maybe something that just makes both power pools mantic without the need to combine?

Or should I just go spirit warrior so I can take one blow!

Any thoughts gratefully received.
I think spirit warrior is a great shout (certainly multiclass one or two for me) and then make both power pools mantic if it's passable - like mancer I guess... You can trade off the 25% on magic and spirit abilities for 25% on the all tables instead - surely that's worth while?!
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