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OK, so looking at putting in some points apps for my mystic and would appreciate some guidance from those in the know!

When applying for custom neuronics is it best to:
  1. State the desired TBLP cost and expect the points cost to reflect this
  2. State a desired max. TBLP cost with the expectation that the GSM will cost/modify accordingly
  3. Leave the TBLP cost blank and expect the GSM to do it for you
  4. Apply for the same ability 2 or 3 times on the same sheet with differing TBLP costs expecting 2 or 3 differing points costs and buy whichever one you are happiest with
  5. Something else (please state below)

Any help would be gratefully received smile.gif
Leave the tblp box blank.

Brilliant, cheers mate.
I will say if you include in the email how much tblp you want it to be I'll use it when considering. I don't want a situation of no one uses neurone death because it costs a million tblp to use.

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