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1st June

So a few days in and as promised a weekly update. My plan for these is to let people know what I'm thinking, how stuff is being passed, and generally useful info for people applying for points apps. It is also a chance to keep an eye on Fromant, and update people on "him" (these make be jokes, bad ones I agree).

Kicking off there have been some issues with points reaching me (carlo typing the wrong email address for example). Fortunately I have defeated this already. When I print a points app I'll reply to the email saying "printed" or similar. I print stuff off most evenings (weekends I'm normally reffing) so if you haven't heard back in 3ish days check.

Once printed I fail them (obviously) and will give to Duncan on a (normally) Tuesday evening. He will then scan when he has a chance, email out pdf replies, and envelope up.
This hopefully gives you an idea of the turnaround rate.

So what is being passed/failed?

Retros - Everyone knows I hate them, but this doesn't stop me passing them as they are (alas) part of the system now. However I will not pass "I vanish before taking anything" as a blanket ability. Depending on the retro you will take something from the first blow/effect, probably with some sort of reduction.

No effects - these need a justification and have a cost beyond points (deny power - class, foretold - level of casting, pure force is a major force miracle and 8 spirits).

Ref statting - I will not pass things because refs stat badly, sorry. Just raise the statting issue.

Multi-races - per level abilities get expensive. I have passed two races for close too/over 2k because of per level abilities.
I spoke to someone today and then said but it's because stuff is "multi-race only". I have no issue with you keeping a multi-race cheap and doing post 6th/8th abilities, or a class based on it. EG Primal Soul Wolf, go 7/8 as were wolf, then do a class based on rages because you are a were wolf.

I think that's everything for this week, except:

Fromant Watch: status green, no new system dangers.
"Him" watch: Callum viciously bullied again, but Grull pool removed, happy Lee smile.gif

So update 2, and all seems to be going well.

A lot of people have asked about damage reductions and warriors so I thought I'd do a bit on that. The below is broad picture of what I think is doable. Clearly being a battle master, having more restrictions, not having power points, bracket purity etc. will effect it. As a rough guide for what a "warrior" can get (and hopefully to help ref's stat):

Perm 6 points off in some form. Clearly if you go for specifics (counter mastery, etc.) then you might get more. Or if I'd normally not let you get to 6 points but you keep it narrow it is more likely.

Perm 25% (or 1/4 off). Again how you do this, and the direction will impact on the cost and stuff.

1/3rd off (or 33%).

The above involves some form of class, probably two, and potentially a race. Clearly being a battle-master and building on that is a good way of doing things.

Another week and more points apps failed (well mostly passed to be honest). Based on what's been in recently and Carlo asking Tiffer to ask me about Avatars I thought I'd mention them and items.

Avatars, I'm happy to pass them. They fall on a risk vs reward curve. the more reward you get, the more risk there has to be. I don't like and am unlikely to pass Avatars of "Starts at 8th level and can earn points". They result in the Avatar reaching the point where it needs an avatar.
My view is an Avatar is there to let you play your character at a lower level for a relevant reason (Guilds connections, your mates rebirthed because they trusted BBB for spend advice, etc.) not just I want to have a low level character.

A guideline is 10k for Avatars. Lower than 10k needs more restrictions on it (so only guilds where I am leader/can demonstrate a clear tie etc.).

And the other thing items.

I do not believe just become something is a "Myths" item you should be able to buy it for points. The key for me is a cool item that matters and is clearly character significant. You may/may not get a slight reduction on the cost normally this will only be if it is a cool myths/4 day item that helps define the character.

I also point out that items of "significance" (Hood of the disenchanter as an example) might get passed but will have restrictions, including may not be kept on rebirth, and possibly even this ability is lost if you don't play.

And finally:
Rule book and Realm of glass writing going well. No ETA on finish yet, I think there is a lot more discussion for the rule books when I get into the specifics of colours/sphere/other type of stuff.

Fromant Watch: Good effort, and I admit it came close to an Amber but we are still green.

Him watch: I suspect I am being lulled into a false sense of security and he wants me to think he is playing nice and will pull something out on myths, or use Ryan as a distraction.


After initial teething problems Duncan now has his (hopefully) working shining new scanner. This means the points request process will be much smoother going forward.

So what's the weeks news?

Well it seems that the efforts to create folder C points requests by combing A and B has begun.
By this I mean:

Points app A - reasonable.
Points app B - Fine
Points app C - no chance.

So people are writing A, then B and when used together coming upto C.

If people do do this then I will just take both abilities off them and start writing on every ability sheet they ever put in: Only stacks with published abilities.
So please just don't do it. You want to combine things lay it out for me. Use the email if you, just don't try and blag it. Believe me that I have seen enough of these attempts in my life to spot them pretty well, and to know who will try it.
Play nice and you'll get as close to what you want as the system should allow smile.gif

Along the same lines blagging points apps. There's pushing what they do and then there's abusing them. I've been asked to look at peoples points apps already, and will do, and if I find they are being abused I'll take them away. If people keep doing it I'll just stop passing them points apps.
So again lets all play nice and have fun smile.gif

With the bad stuff out of the way onto nice things.

What's hot and what's not?

A current popular choice in multi-races seems to be a unless killed by "Power base" instead of dying I 30 second power form.

I'll put it out there, I like this. It avoids the tedium of having to over cost magic or spirit only hits, meaning you can buy the race. Also gives a good platform to build on as you go up the levels.
And above all it avoids the retro and gone issue.

Other popular choice which again I like, is I want to do "this" which is pretty close to "That" but a bit different. Rather than putting in for a long list of abilities that are similar but different putting in "Can cast these despite this, but with these restrictions". It makes it easier for everyone to understand because when you say "X" its published. Anything that keeps things close to published is good smile.gif

Fromant Watch - All green.

Him Watch - Another tear to my eye as he has abilities signed on his card, and promised to get someone else to tidy it up.


Another week ticks on and it seems the last minute rush for myths apps is happening.
I would suggest people that have idea's try and keep them simple as a basis and then use other things to grow on them. Trying to get everything straight off will not only be expensive, but likely to be a no. Keep it easy and ideally work out how to use the published system to achieve it and you'll be fine.

The planning of the books are coming along pretty well. I don't have anything like solid dates yet, but we've got progress and things aren't going to badly.

I've also had a couple of abilities regarding combining power bases come through. As part of the books this is being looked at (there's another post on it) so please be aware that when everything is looked at this sort of thing may change a bit.

Fromant Watch: Status Green.

Him watch: All going well here. He even asked before trying to blag something he clearly knew he shouldn't do...
Month two....

So July begins and there was a brief chance of a week without points apps, but this never happened.

What's hot and what's not?
Well restrictions seem to be in at the minute, especially losing res chance. I think it's only fair to point out I don't really value loss of res chance that highly as a way of saving points. So unless you really want to get rid of it to advance the race to blue heaven then don't bother. Clearly "I drop from 100% to 0% " for someone below 2k is a restriction, but for a 4k tough character I lose 10% of the 80 I still have isn't.

I also think it's fair to point out about forearm parry (always popular). A shield is far harder than fore-arm parry. if you are a warrior class that can use a shield and you want to give it up then I won't stop you. I also won't say "You have to get a potion/item/whatever restriction". That said it will just be fore-arm parry, no upgrades later no parry pure no nothing.

Fromant Watch - All clear.
Him watch - I see yellow in his future.....
So here to are mid-July. The first myths is about to head off, several people that have been down in a while are returning and the world is good.

Points app wise what's happening? While failures are up. it's no surprise as people try and push things a bit.
I've noticed a lack of big spells, by this I mean where people are pitching at the 15 mana + range, everything has been quite tame and simple.

As a favour, as part of the rule books if anyone has any Jade or Onyx spells passed that they wouldn't mind having published (this includes ones I've passed) if they could email they to me at there's a good chance you'll get your characters name on them when they come out in the grimoire.

Fromant Watch - All clear, however extra resources are being recruited as he is off on myths so who knows what will happen.

Him Watch - More tears of joy in my eyes, he's come so far. I feel it is almost time to set him free and move on to a new Him (or her)...

Mid-week update

As some of you are no doubt aware Duncan is off to mother myths this weekend. As he is the man with the scanner there will be a delay in getting points apps sorted during this time.

We're working out a cunning plan if we can finalise one I'll let you know what it is, but there may be a bit of a delay in apps getting back over the next couple of weekends.

Nothing massively exciting this week I'm afraid.
A reminder of brackets. Wanting stuff from a bracket without going into it is tricky and will be expensive if possible at all.

Thank you to all the people that have sent me onyx and jade spells so far. It is making the job a lot easier.

And now something foolish (or brave) from me, and hopefully fun for you all. As I want to expand available advance spells and miracles I thought I'd do a bit of a fun competition. The best will make it to the wizards grimoire/wfa, any especially funny/ridiculous will make it to the gsm log.

So the rules:
Each person can design a single spell or miracle, just like you would a points app. Do it as an email though not an attachment. Name the spell, and feel free to use your characters name as part of it.

Email it to me at

Closing date is 31st July.


Fromant watch - he's on myths.

Him watch - dito.
I am sure everyone will be pleased to know that points apps will be returning to normal now that Duncan is not killing people on myths (with his monstering not his cooking that is).

Points app wise nothing massively exciting really. Only thing really is to remind people that I'm happy to do abilities "post race" so you don't need to squeeze everything into the race, but can instead do abilities/classes post it.

Competition is doing ok. Not many miracles in so far (2) so now is the chance to be immortalised in bad spell name.

Fromant watch - nothing changed
Him watch - Turns out he wasn't on myths. He also made me cry as he made Mungo say MAC in character.
So in some exciting news there is a strong chance that The Warrior, Scout, Priest and Wizard books will be at final draft by the end of this week. Neuronics is likely too.
Druids less sure, but it has some hope.

Evolution is likely to be another 2-3 weeks, sorry.

This doesn't mean there's a firm date for release yet, as there is still a lot of work to do after this.

The competitions are closed, and the winners will get their characters names in print as spells smile.gif

Diverting from points apps I'd like to ask players/monsters to call the level they are affecting at when casting things. So if you are an 8th level priest and cast a vop call 7 levels. Making it a uniform convention of calling the level something works at will make it a lot easier for people.

I have the myths items, and have gone through them once. I'm going to try and finish off bits today/tomorrow for most of them and then send them back to Huw/Julian to check they are happy. I am in no way promising they will be back for this weekend but there is a chance.

Fromant Watch - Amber alert, he has sent in points requests!

Him Watch - I am so proud! He battle boarded properly at the weekened! Time for a new him....
First starting with a bit of bad news. There will probably be a delay on points apps over this week, it shouldn't be a massive one but Duncan is finally getting to play an extended length this year this weekend.

Myths items are back and as people will have seen I've included the cost of extending/making them permanent on them. This is basically because it is a lot easier to do at the time of processing the item than it is later. I'm likely to keep doing this on all extended length items going forward. As a note while it doesn't say it explicitly (I forgot to write it on) myths items do not blow up on death.

Points app things. I've had a lot of questions (relatively) about 10k gifts. The can break a system rule (two brackets etc.) but clearly there are limits on them. They are also an opportunity for a person to do something cool and get a way to expand their character more. If you use them to focus on what you currently are you will become very good at it, but eventually you'll end up with nothing to buy. So think hard when applying for and buying a 10k gift.

The books are coming along nicely. Missed finishing the wizard book last week, but did manage the Neuronic book. And with books in mind if anyone has any interesting evocations they think they'd like included in the Druid book then feel free to email them to me at

Fromant Wacth - All clear on new points apps front.
Him watch - Please hold while a new him is selected.



So even with a 4day going on there have been two busy adult dungeons with monsters both days this weekend, which is cool.

For points app topics I thought I'd talk about multi-classes. I am a big fan of them. Putting stuff in a multi-class is a good restrictions. It shows some dedication to a path, and means you can only take one every thousand points. It won't save you points (most of the time) but may avoid annoying table issues if the abilities aren't insane.
A good cheap (4-500 points) multi-class is a good way to get a few things, a buy as, and the potential to build on it later.
As mentioned previously I am also happy with multi-classes based on races.

On other things the tales of him seem to have spread a new wave of honesty through the caves which is good.

Fromant watch - nothing. I am a bit nervous I suspect he is waiting for me to be at my weakest.

Him watch. - He's coming.....

So August is almost over, and things tick along.

I've noticed that over the summer there have a been a few cases of people not dying when they should, but making sure they die in a big fight a bit later, and then saying "It's ok because I died". I'll be honest, it's not. If you die die when you die, don't cheat, don't think dying later on makes up for it. What makes this worse is it seems to be almost becoming acceptable, so lets just so no now.

So what's been cool in points app? People seem to be back applying for cool things again, which is good. Also people seem to be doing interesting things with spells and miracles which is good.

People have asked about restrictions. They don't offer a huge discount generally. Indeed some a just worth nothing. Now if people want a real restriction then that's fine, but when you look at what you're considering ask yourself is it a proper restriction.

Fromant Watch: Green

Him watch: He's here.....

And so September is here already.

For those asking on book updates. Draft one of wizards finished last night. It took longer than expected as formatting spells was more drawn out than I'd hoped.
Druids book is started, and going ok. I am still hopefully for first drafts of stuff to be done by the end of this month, but who knows how life will get in the way.

So what's the score on points apps at the minute? Well after a brief flurry of trying to sneak dodgy stuff through people have calmed down again, which is good smile.gif
I'd also like to thank ref's who've been coming to me with questions on peoples abilities. It helps, and means if the same person/character comes up repeatedly then I know that I need to have a look at them.

For some advance warning there may be a slight delay in points apps over this month, not least because I'm playing a three day. Hopefully there won't be but I thought it was worth saying in case there is.

Fromant Watch: Green.

Him Watch: All told he had a good weekend. Dealt with some stress well, and kept his head. Hopefully we can reverse some irritating tendencies that set in with regarding to stats vs roleplay, but I expect a short lived him this time smile.gif
So exciting news on books. First Drafts are being finished off. As some people saw at the weekend some of said first drafts have already been checked and are ready to move to draft 2 when I can.
I'm still not committing to a hard date, not least because they still need to be proof read, formatted, and then printed.

With this said we are looking for idea's for new tendencies, traditions, and talismans. I don't need stats for them (I'm happy to work stuff out) but concepts that people think would be playable are good. A couple of new things already included is a Talisman of the Seasons, a Temple Assassin tendency, and a legionnaire tradition. So if you have anything you think might be cool drop it over to me (use the address).

Despite Chris "I'm bored with the caves" Greenaway's best efforts I am still up to date with points app. So if you have sent in anything before last Wednesday and don't have it back yet please let me know as it has been eaten somewhere.
I'll again remind people that they should email points apps to and when I print them off I'll email you back to say I've printed them. If you don't get the email then I've not had it. I don't print sheets off every day, but if it's been a week then assume I didn't get it and check.

As for exciting abilities of the week nothing much really. A couple of people falling for the stack things by levels in a class and level six ending up costing a fortune smile.gif

Fromant Watch - Status Green, for now.

Him Watch - Alas he was not down, but it seems the world in interested in him and guesses are being made.


Just a reminder to everyone there is a chance of a slightly delay in points apps over the next couple of weeks as I'm off on a 3 day, as is Duncan. Hopefully there won't be, but if people send in 20 sheets on Friday then there will be smile.gif

Thanks to everyone that has sent in ideas/bits and pieces for the books. It's been very helpful and has meant there are a few idea's in the books that I wouldn't of come up with.

So hot points apps. People still seem to be going for regen power as power users. I will happily point out that the costing on it is based on how much power you regain over a 6 hour period. In a lot of cases it will be better to buy innates or more power if you have it.

Fromant Watch - All green, especially after Kev's assistance smile.gif

Him Watch - Seems he's enjoying other systems and real life a bit too much, I may have chosen badly!!!!

Just a short update. Points apps from before the weekend all passed to Duncan. Obviously he has a real job and a backlog of bits so don't expect everything this minute smile.gif

Things should be all back to normal going forward now until nearer Christmas, and proper gsm log next week for people.

So all things back to normal now, at least until closer to Christmas.

Points app wise it seems a few people are going for the overloading classes again which is pushing up the cost. This is especially true of power per level classes. I'd suggest that people think if they can split a class into two separate classes. Doing this helps keep the points cost down and means that you can actually finish them, and feel an achievement of buying levels. If you want it all in one class, maybe think about doing less power with a increase from X/level to Y/Level post 6th.

I've also noticed that a there has been an increase in taking characters in a specific direction that limits what they can do in the long run. If you are happy reaching the end of a characters progression sooner this is a good way to go. If you want to be able to play on for as long as you like then such restrictions make it a little trickier for you.

Him Watch: All going well, doing nicely smile.gif His involvement in Saturday brightened my day.
Fromant Watch: Nothing major to report here. Will see how we do after this upcoming weekend though.

Hello again,

Not much to update on points app wise really. Everything is happily running stable and ticking along. I'm not expecting any further delays/problems with them until around Christmas.

On not points app topics I did find reffing Saturday that people are becoming more accepting of 11 o'clock being the normal start time. I'd like to avoid it becoming this way. I don't think it's impossible for dungeons to be ready to start the brief for 10ish (OK If Craigy makes you drink enough you forget what happened it might be) normally. It means people get a good full day of fun, there's more time to set interesting encounters beyond just 24/8 doing quad.

Him update: Alas once more he was absent from the caves.

Fromant Watch: Amber alert!!! He played and although nothing obvious happened I fear for Armoured Priests across the world, they may have to be clarified tongue.gif

Another happy week goes by. Everything seems to be going well.
As several people have asked the first draft of all of the rule books (except the dice rollers guide) are done and either with Duncan for checking, or Duncan has already given them back to me.
There has been a slight delay in the second drafts has the Dominion of the Circle is arguing with being OCR (Stupid Baronials). My IT expert (Tiffer) has come up with an idea that might work, so I’ll be trying it this week. If all goes well we should (fingers crossed) be on target to have the rules side of the books finished by the end of the month. That then leaves proof reading and formatting before they go to the printers. Neither of these are likely to be easy jobs unfortunately.

The Manufacturers Guide (AKA Dice rollers guide according to Sam R and Craigy) is likely to be ready sooner and available to download like the current one. There’s nothing massively exciting in it for spiritual and magical makes, a few changes of tables and costs, but in general it’s the same has it always has been. However for everyone else’s makes there’s a chunk of updates there. There’s also an idea that I’m stealing from Martin J 

Point’s app wise all is going well and ticking along.

Fromant Watch – Returning to Green. He seems to have found a way to beat the system without us realising it….

Him watch – His time, as per the agreement is over. He pops down to monster or play and managed to get killed 3 times in under half an hour including a small matter of me party killing him (oops). However I feel he’s come a long way in his short time…

So it’s time for a new him. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to email them to me. Requirements are they must be down regularly, and provide entertainment to the masses.

Also if anyone has any topics they'd like me to cover in these posts let me know.

For all those dice rollers out there the manufacturing book has had its first draft finished and being checked so should have some new fun options soon.

Points apps are continuing at a steady rate. For some advance warning as I'm reffing the final dawn I'd expect a little delay getting closer to xmas when I need to do some extra writing.

I've had a couple of questions about guild benefits and stuff. When the books are done I'm planning on going through them all and making sure they are all fair.

I am, alas, still in search of a new him. So if you have any ideas suggestions are greatly received.

So bad news first. There is going to be a slight delay in points apps this week, sorry, as I'm not seeing Duncan will the weekend. I'll keep processing them but they won't get to Duncan until Saturday at the earliest.

And other things. A few people have started to apply for big spells and I thought I'd share my logic on them for those that don't know.

High (above 20) mana spells can be big and do big things (touch death being 20 mana as a guide). The reason for this is you have to invest a chunk of points on casting levels to learn them and will only ever use them for 3/4 spells. Ones that do damage will obviously be based on what they are (so greater shock to each location touch range will be based on seven greater shocks them reduced a bit).
Obviously the biggest advantage of really big damaging spells is they lessen the effects of MAC against them and the like.

The other spell related thing I thought I'd mention is two colour spells. I like the idea of wizards doing cool stuff based on colour combos (so gold/ebony could do other effecting ebony stuff). It lets you blur the lines of what a colour can do, kinda like mixing paint.

Fromant watch - green
Him - no suggestions yet and no is jumping out.


Firstly points apps. I should (all being well) be up to date by the end of tomorrow and able to give everything to Duncan. If anything changes I'll let people know.

So news on apps for the week is a few people have been trying to get things from a bracket (scout, warrior etc.) without going into it. Except for very limited and narrow options this isn't going to happen really. Especially where the abilities are very situational and applying for them as daily innates.

If you want something from a bracket you'll have to go into it smile.gif

Fromant Watch - Do not under any circumstances start an armoured priest, there is no hope for them....

Him Watch: Have had some suggestions, including a her, but am still deciding.

Sorry it's a bit late but am swamped at work after a couple of days off, so pretty short too.

I saw Duncan Monday evening and the world sent in apps over the weekend so not everything I said "printed" too is done, sorry.

Normal service should resume soon smile.gif


So back up to date on all points apps and other gsm bits except for Will (should be finished by end of the day for him though).

Responses from the first couple of books that are being looked at are good. Hopefully will be able to finish the project "soon" (not certain hoe long soon is yet but I am seeing an end).

Fromant Watch - red!!!! He has managed it. It's not really his fault, but we're blaming him anyway. I'm not saying how he achieved it, but congratulations smile.gif

Him watch - still in need of a solid suggestion.

An edit to yesterdays post, I lied Fromant is still green, sorry. However I'd like to remind people what wise healer says:

At will may discern what effect any Healing tree or sphere miracle will have on the target’s wounds, if any. For example, half-elves receive half-effect, permanent damage cannot be cured, spirits of causing are slain by a Total Heal, and so on. Additionally, should any healing miracle cast be discharged on a target and have no effect the priest loses no spirits. This includes Restore Life. The discern is a spiritual informational effect, and can be used in the spirit above a body.

So I was ready to type that points apps were all up to date and going well but then people sent in dozens of sheets yesterday. Everything should still be going well and get done to give to Duncan when I see him though.

A non-gsm comment this week. A month (ish) ago a lot of effort was put in to clean up the caves. Glowsticks, paper, tealights, the lot. However in under a month I have found glow-stick wrappers lying in areas, used ref props, empty bottles, and more. Really? It's not hard to take the wrapper and put it in a bin when you get it, or to keep your used scroll/bottle in your bag until the end of the section and then bin it. Just a little consideration please. I'm not saying we won't have used glowsticks lying around that got a bit dull and missed, or tea lights that burnt out and weren't noticed, however please can we make sure we keep the obvious rubbish out of the areas. On this I'm going to be open if I see players on my dungeons littering I will just tell them and give them less behaviour points.

So nice things. In the Almanac GSM's have traditionally written a little bit of stuff, but most of it is covered in these posts. So I thought I'd instead answer some questions about stuff that isn't normally covered in the ask the gsm thread. So things like "What's your opinion on this style of ability" or "How far can X go with Y". I'm obviously not going to be able to answer all of them and will pick the most common/interesting ones out. So if you have a question you think fits then email it to: and I'll collate them all and do something for the next Almanac.

Fromant Watch - Green
Him Watch - an idea was suggested, but alas he's not suitable.


So 6 months as GSM, seems a bit odd really.

Everything seems to (hopefully) be going ok. Points apps are ticking along and all is good with them.
Books are going well, some of them are already getting proof read so we have an end in sight smile.gif

This week has seen a rise in by level abilities meaning the cost gets driven up, a lot. All fine with me just remember the costs. Also it has noticed a big increase in efforts to put in stuff that stacks well with previous abilities. Please don't, at some point I'll read all your points apps in one go and see what you've done and then take it away smile.gif

Changes to potions/armour are up, and as soon as I have the power the new dice rolling (make) rules will be as well. This is designed to encourage people to buy stuff from other characters and increase interactions between players. It is also intended to give warriors some make abilities worth using. Some of these changes may seem a bit odd but the new books will contain classes to boost make skills so it should be a bit more obvious when everything is done.

And some advance warning points apps WILL slow down after this week for several reasons. One the final dawn and I am reffing it, two the xmas break means getting more real world work into less time. This means if you want abilities back in time for the final dawn then please get them in by next Monday (8th). Hopefully I'll be able to juggle and stay on top of it, and if people can be nice and say "For this year" or "for next year" it would help.

So last thing I'd like to commiserate Duncan on a year as owner of the caves, I see more ahead smile.gif

So here we are almost at Christmas.

As a reminder Cavie drinks are this Saturday in the Bickley. Will Kung-Foo Matt arrive? Is it going to be rounds of shots again? Only way to know is show smile.gif

Onto points apps however. With the final Dawn approaching and Xmas if people want points apps back in time for the final dawn please get them in by the 16th. Anything after this may well be too late, and come back next year.

Also starting this weekend there will be a set of xmas points apps. As many have suggested "magic" style points apps or "lucky dip" we thought we'd give it a go. There will be a selection of spells, miracles, a couple of classes and races, and some ability sheets. They'll all be for a specific "bracket".
Each person can buy one sheet (and their name will be signed on it) but can pick which of their characters it will be for.
There are a set number of sheets, so when they are gone they're gone.



As I had a couple of questions already -
The sheets are entirely random from sealed envelopes.
There will be "Some" exactly how many isn't set, but they should last till the Final Dawn (maybe).
There will be a price for them (being sorted out atm).

So the Xmas drinks occurred and the caves were extra busy that day, which is great. I believe (Craigy can confirm) that Couchman may have been the Yellow Jersey winner for the year.

It seems the xmas single length also managed to break records for most deaths, and most pking in a Single length, with a myths level of kills in 20 encounters.

Points apps have been ticking along. to remind people if you want them back this year please get them in by Thursday!!!!! Anything after this and I can't guarantee it will be done in time.

As I got asked again the first set of books are being proof read (horay) so all is going well.

And welcome to the first post 2015, a little later than I'd hoped but here.
Having had a bit of a break after the final dawn everything is back up and running. Points apps are being processed and we should be back to the normal turnaround in the next couple of weeks.

A few people asked about books. They range from still being finished off due to being Druids and rubbish to having been proof read and needing final edits before going for formatting. I'm still not happy to give a date for release but they are moving along.

It seems the lucky dip points apps went down ok. I might look at doing something similar again in the future.


Just a quick update this week. Points apps that I have replied "Printed" too on Monday are all done and with Duncan.
Anything from yesterday onwards isn't as Duncan was around early.

I've seen a rise in people re-applying for stuff I've already failed with different abilities in the hope of getting it cheekily through the back door. It's not likely to happy so please don't do it smile.gif

And that about covers it for the week. Hopefully when real life ™ calms down I'll get back to some fun and helpful comments in these.

And so the new week is upon us.
Points apps from last week upto Thursday. There's been a surge over the weekend mostly from one person (not mentioning his name but it begins with S ends in Y, and has onn in the middle).

People seem to have been moving away from multi-classes and back to random abilities. Which is fine, but means things will cost a bit more/be less likely to get passed.

So on with the year and my insane schedule of reffing.

Extra update!
Dan puts in points apps and the Green pen dies!!!! It did well, but alas is over. Fortunately I have a back up.

I personally blame Deviant for the number of No's I've had to write.

And already January is almost over.

A sudden surge in points apps over the weekend (19 emails worth, no idea how many yet as I haven't printed them) so it is possible there may be a slight delay depending on how many it actually is.

A few old players have been contacting me about old apps/sorting out characters which is good smile.gif

Not much else to say really. Hopefully more news on various things next week.

So the efforts to break the new Green Pen have failed. I am not certain Duncan's scanner (or enjoyment of scanning) is holding up as well though. Yes another week of points apps.
I believe Callum is looking at starting Points Apps Anon. for everyone suffering from this addiction.

Book news for you all, since you keep asking, here is where they are:

Warrior and Scout Book - At formatting Stage
Priest, Wizard, Races, Classes, Neuronic - Proof reading.
Druid - Final (hopefully) Draft.

Once formatted there is one last read through for anything we missed/screwed up.

However better book news is the Almanac is at formatting stage, so will be out as soon as we can. Hopefully after this we can get back to a once a quarter releases.


First thank you for the comments/thanks for the fast turn around on things. It is appreciated and we'll try and keep things running smoothly. I imagine there will be a slow down/shift in timing as we get closer to the summer and holidays/extended lengths.

The Almanac (thanks to Mr Witts) is all but ready to go to printing so should be out soonish smile.gif

There is another pile of points apps this week. So if you haven't sent them in yet I doubt they will make this weeks batch to Duncan, sorry.


So another GSM post from me, and some actual stuff in it this week.
The Almanac is (I hope as I've not been at the caves) out and on sale (horay!) only a month behind schedule. Hopefully going forward we can get back to quarterly. Thanks to everyone that helped getting it sorted and out.

The books are steadily moving. Alas they are now at the stage where I can't speed them up it takes as long as it takes.

However I have started work on the Realm of Glass source book again.

In the great way of things a few useful bits of info/requests from me.

1) Guild Ethos/Restrictions. If guild masters want them changed before the next Almanac then please email me at making it obvious in the subject what it's about. Then I can change them for the next Almanac. Dead line for this is March 20th.
2) Questions for ask the gsm in the Almanac. Again‎ email them in by March the 20th. Character specific ones will be ignored but broad ones will get answered if there's space.
3) Want to put something in the Almanac? Again email it in by, yep you guessed it, March 20th. It can be an in character notice, stuff from a ref, wanted adds, whatever. If it's interesting and I can get it in I will.
4) Realm of Glass. I'm doing this in stages, and have some from some people already. Currently I'm doing the Senate and Imperial Structure (so if you've promised me stuff email it over) and Nobility. If you have a Noble house as a player (a proper spent points on it sort) or as a ref have a prominent one from dungeons you've reffed then please email it over. I need it in 14 point times roman font (word document) with the following info:
Name of house
Head of house
Where it is based
Symbol (and Ideally a jpeg of the symbol)
A paragraph of so on the house and what it is like.

That's it from me, other than to say come and monster for the Dead Heroes or Knights next weekend, or even both smile.gif

So a very quiet week on points apps, I suspect Callums addicts club is working.

Nothing massively exciting to say really. I'll remind people about emailing me stuff for the realm of glass source book or the next Almanac if you want to.

As you may have seen a slight delay in points apps last week due to the LARP (clearly Iain can't spell) awards, I'm guessing things will be all back on track by the end of the week, but please remember the turnaround on points apps is 2 weeks for just this reason smile.gif


Sorry it's a bit late this week, and short, but having a busy week.
Points apps all up to date and ticking along nicely.

I'd like to remind people about stuff for the Almanac (two posts up) for this month.
Additionally if players have characters with Imperial nobles titles above Baron (So Count etc.) could they please let me know (

Bit late again, sorry.

Points apps are ticking along but alas I am not seeing Duncan until Saturday, sorry.

Thanks for everyone that has sent in bits for the Almanac if you have anything more then please send it over.


So the world is ticking along. A brief reminder on the Almanac, I'm looking for:
Ask the GSM questions
Titles above Baron (you have to have actually bought Noble by XXX)
Any guild leaders that want to change their restrictions/similar

Also if anyone has anything they want to put in as a ref or even an IC thing let me know.
Deadline is end of March so I can sort it all out, send it to edit and hopefully we can get it out by the end of April smile.gif

Points apps are going ok. I suspect they will be given to Duncan at the weekend so you won't get them until early next week. If anything changes I'll post an update.


Ps: if you are behind on paying for pdf points requests can you get back up to date.
And another week goes by. Points apps ticking along, I'll be giving the pile to Duncan tomorrow so if you have anything get it in and providing there isn't a massive load they should all get done.

Thanks for the extra questions for ask the GSM, I have enough for this Almanac but if you have more and we have space I'll drop them in. If anyone else has stuff they wanted to include in the Almanac then please email it over to me at



And March is almost over.

Points apps from up to last Friday are done. I'm not certain when I'm seeing Duncan this week, so it might the ones from Saturday onwards don't reach him till the weekend. I'll let you know if it changes.

As a reminder tomorrow is the last day for Almanac stuff. I checked guild boards at the weekend for updates but will have another look this weekend if people want to scramble to do stuff.


(Edit: Yep just to confirm seeing Duncan next at the weekend, sorry)

A brief update on points apps. Lasts weeks arrived with Duncan Saturday so I'm sure people will start to see them tomorrow/onwards as it works through them like a busy little bee.
I am currently seeing Duncan Thursday so that's the day for apps for this week, but if things change I'll take them down the caves on Saturday.

Guild extensions and stuff done. A chunk of guilds fading/losing tiers when the Almanac comes out sad.gif
I'd remind refs that you need to email your CP's to JASPER using this email: LABYCC@GMAIL.COM if you use anything else it won't arrive and get processed. This is especially important for guildhalls and Strengthen/Weaken Primus as I get the list off Jasper for who has gained what.

The market day seemed to go ok, even if it was a quiet Sunday. The plan is to run them from 2.15-2.45ish each time they happen (well the NPC bits of them anyway). So if people can be aware of this it will avoid missing them.


Sorry but beginning with a moan (well two).

Can people please do proper area sweeps. On Saturday we found 6+ belts, a skull, some weapons and then more stuff in our area at the start of the day. I know that sometimes at the end of a section with a dull green glow stick you might miss the skull that's got kicked into a pile of white rocks. But a bag of weapons in a monster setting room, belts in door ways and stuff on altars is going a bit far. The same goes for paper props. I'm not asking for perfection just a bit of common sense and thinking how you'd like to find your area when you arrive to use it smile.gif

Second litter. I fail to understand why you need to leave a Relentless Can or tea cup in the area. If there is a reason I'm all ears. Glowsticks get dropped and missed, the occasional bottle you drop and don't realise, but really Relentless Cans? We should all be old enough to be responsible for our own rubbish. If people need to spend time on work days tidying up then that means not finishing the thing in B, fixing walls that need it, or building new stuff.

So rants over.

I am (currently) planning on seeing Duncan before the weekend so you might get lucky and stuff will be ready to collect Saturday. When I know for certain I'll edit here.

Next Almanac is doing ok as well, so hopefully it should be out this month.


Edit: Sorry due to getting a job I'm not seeing him this week so they'll be back at the weekend.

So another week another message smile.gif

Alas due to various changes in stuff it is now likely points apps will get given to Duncan on the weekends. This won't always be the case but it's a pretty safe bet to go with. This means I will likely print off and process everything up to a Thursday and then drop it off over the weekend. Sorry.

I keep being asked for a date of books but we don't have one. They are being edited and that is taking time. When we know something we'll tell you, I promise.

On good news the Almanac is almost done. It will include guild specials/stuff up to the end of March. This means if you did stuff in April it won't be included yet, this is deliberate and designed to keep the dates working. I'm also working away on the new Realm of Glass, it is a big project but hopefully with help it will fly by.


Not much to say this week. I'm currently working long hours (boooo!) so replies to stuff may be a bit slow sorry.

I'd also like to bring up bribing monsters. There is a line, lets not cross it smile.gif
Drinks in the pub, lunch, even help with travel all fine. More and it's crossing the line.
What happens in private is that private, but on the boards keep it reasonable.


So a nice weekend, despite traitors ( tongue.gif )being off playing other systems we had a good number of people around both days, which is good.

More questions on books and I still can't offer a date, but thank you to all the people offering assistance to try and speed things up it is very appreciated and we will be taking you up on it smile.gif

Almanac failed to make April (unreasonably Tim had to work!) but should be out soon. Deadlines for the July one are:

Articles/comments/you want something in/ask the gsm questions: 15th june ish. Please use the email address.

Guild boards: I will be checking them the last weekend of June.

Guild specials/halls/etc. These will be anything that has happened in April-June.

Hopefully we will have it out by mid-July.

An advanced warnings.
Myths - when myths season hits there will be a 2-3 week window of no points apps. I'll post exact dates closer to the time, but it will be happening sorry.

I also want to remind people that when you get over 9k and before you reach 10k you need to come and see me so I can go through your cards to check points apps and get you signed upto date. This is very relevant for the 9 day so please sort out getting it done.

I'd like to remind people a tatty leather coat is not master crafted armour (even 1+2) all over.

And finally a question. If I catch people cheating what are peoples views on it? Should I just tell the ref, or should I take action? I honestly want to know what people think. I am not intending to ever do something mid-dungeon and cause chaos but I am interested and have (well will but by the time you're this far it's there) interested what people think. Answers and a decision from me next week.

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