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Full Version: Witchdoctors Apprentice
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I know this has been done a few times over the years, and probably more times than that


What mileage have people got out of Wizards/Witchdoctors apprenticeships?

I'm looking for how to word things like copy spells
Not really after spending points to benefit the witchdoctor
are you planning on being on dungeon with them?
If your plan is to still go alchemists. Maybe the ability to make potions of their spells.

Handbook off dungeon and advanced on dungeon if with them?

Also apply to buy part time employment thing that's available post henchman so you can change master when adventuring without me.
QUOTE(RichardCraig @ May 20 2014, 03:03 PM) *
are you planning on being on dungeon with them?

Sometimes but you can't rely on it
I'm doing this from rogue angle

Thaumaturge buying if witchdoctor has spell?
Mana reduction if he casts first?
Use his fetches?
Some limited fetch buy?
I've got:

have S spells cast on you

use the masters mana

1/2 cost casting if we both cast at the same time
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