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Ok, so I want to put in a watch captain non standard tradition for Gregore, my half orc bully boy thug

I was having trouble of thinking of appropriate stuff so thought I would put it to the collective minds on here.

Ideas I had were well equipped with some ISP's of stuff he has confiscated - maybe some potions too.

Beyond that I have run a little dry..


I am the law. Extra stuff vs outlaws

Lawbringer. Weapons explode if used by someone else
I have an Enforcer MC for my orc thug/bully boy that has limb stuns, immunity to knockback/down and backstab, stacking physical catalepsy by blow and some other bits and bobs.
Perception - normal and supernatural?
I don't know why, but I read the title as "Watch! Captain Tradition", then fit of giggles as I imagine a very traditional superhero fly by smile.gif

Ok, I have come up for the following for my half orc thug bully boy


Watch Captain tradition:

25% Cold rage once per day, may only be entered to attack an outlaw.

vicious strike (as cut throat tradition) once per day, only usable on outlaws.

well equipped with 10 ISP's of stuff he has confiscated

May buy immunity to backstab as Assassin

May buy bounty hunter MC at a 25% discount (240 points, rather than 320)
I've been thinking of the same thing for my member of the Halgar Watch:

I don't like the shape of his face: Physical Detect Lie 1/day for 5 minutes
Crime Scene: Physical Artefact Study as per Awakener
Emotion Sensitive (as per Buladajn 1-8th) (Physical Sci Scan) x 1
Cannot help thinking a Watch Captain ought to have:

Resistance to domination fx
VoP type commands
The essence of the Bounty Hunter MC (so Chris: agree with the MC reduction)
Respect of the peons (neutrality, comm answers (tip offs), and basic equip and maybe a few buffs from grateful merchants / confiscations)

Mine were all based on fear. Intimidate etc, then again mine was a throughtly corrupt copper.
You could also have inspiration-type stuff for leading your men.

For instance a "Snap out of it man" innate which gives the target +1 resistance level to domination effects while you are yelling at them from within 9' (+2 if you are yelling right in their face).

A "Back to your post" ability giving the target +2 resistance levels to any stopping effect currently affecting them (e.g. Sleep, Catalepsy).
Why do you get a tradition?
QUOTE(Jack @ Apr 22 2014, 03:05 PM) *
Why do you get a tradition?

He means tendency, obviously smile.gif
Beatdown: As per a physical words of pain, but requires you to continue bludgeoning the subject with a truncheon for the duration while shouting about their right to remain bludgeoned.
You didn't see nothing: 1/day may answer any supernatural info effect with "That's not admissible in court". This may be done at will against a magistrate.
Watchmen, Scrying, Action!: Gains double the bounty from the desk for outlaws if a dramatized notice of their arrest is posted on the noticeboards.
He fell down some stairs: Because the perp's death is NEVER your fault, you gain resistance to dying effects from outlaws.
Read them their rights: May buy mighty strike as per first class warrior subclass, but the prep time must be spent reading the Great Freedom so that the subject can hear.
I need backup!: Once per day while in a town or city, after walking off dungeon for five minutes, you may return with a rookie watchman. He has 9/3 hits and an unbelievable keenness to prove himself on the first day on the job. He has signed a bit of paper saying that whatever happens to him in the field is his own fault, not yours. He has not yet had the standard "basic warding awareness" training session. If he survives I am expected to pay a 100 grulls callout fee.
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