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Full Version: Selleville, Artanor and the Kallah
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Some of us from Artanor, which is the guild built up from the LASAR society students from ARU, are very interested in organising a campaign around the Kallah situation with Selleville.

From an OOC point it's been tricky for us to explain that there is a class, one that looks interesting and potentially rewarding, that they just can't play.

From an IC point of view the mystery and questions around the whole tale seems like a brilliant campaign setting, and one with a tangible result to strive towards.

Is there anyone, or a couple of people, who'd be interested in reffing this?

Along side this, are there any major hurdles to this which we might be unaware of? No guilds or factions of players who actively wish to maintain the status quo in Selleville?

Please don't take this as a 'don't do this' - the gameworld is and should be fluid - but the only problem I see with this IC - is that it was the actual Sellaville City Spirit that gifted beggar abilities to the Hanot rather than the Kallah - because the city disappeared into the 'Nacht etc. and the Hanot in effect became the guardians of the city.
It's not so much that there aren't Kallah in Sellaville, but that the Hanot became them. A few years back the Hanot used to get beggar benefits like the Kallah elsewhere - the then GSM decided that this was overpowered and removed them and didn't replace it with anything.
It's this mixture of IC - you'd be working against the City Spirit and OOC it was done for game balance that means it's just been left alone. That said - I see no reason why it shouldn't be possible to trivially regain benefits for the Kallah - as really IC the beggars of Sellaville are now no different.
I'd offer to ref but have characters involved with the city, happy to a-ref or monster if free.

Well it's all really tricky. The entire thing is based on a hote/lrp crossover mis-communication error.

The "kallah" went mad and were locked up for their own safety. The hanot took over the roll and used to get kallah benefits. This got stopped at some point, and since then there hasn't been a change in the benefits. I can safely say that that is changing.

The Kallah didn't go mad that's just disinformation spread by heathens. They saw the Light and turned away from their pagan City Spirit, spurning his heretical gifts smile.gif

Slightly more seriously though from an LRP view point it is about time though that they got their Kallah benefits back though and were released from their "safe keeping".

Depending on dates I might be able to don the old clipboard and ref a dungeon or two.

I've been reffing a number of higher level Selaville Dungeons recently. I would be happy to ref this (dates dependent). I'll even try and get a brief from Alan Morgan so that we can work the LRP HotE crossover.

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