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Full Version: Any 'Glass' Priest ideas?
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I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for my healing bint Church of Glass Noble Priest. Not strictly Non-standard ideas either.

I was considering a embody glass style thing (Like an embody Angel, but more Primal)

I was also consdiering staying Human / Pure humanity due to being a Blood Noble, and I have started taking Spirtual healer, but I have no idea what to do with the character in the long run.
Any Ideas would be appreciated
If you haven't gone yeoman use you Multirace (unless you can app becoming a Yeoman now)...
My immediate thoughts on this... I'll have a think about app ideas and msg you
The Empress protects
Embody Nagrech
Multiclass Imperial Commander

May issue non-level-based 3-word Voice of Command (15 minute duration) only effective against serving members of imperial penal legions, but works despite target's immunity to domination effects (Discipline may be applied). 1/level/day, no life cost. Post 6th @ will for 150 points and Discipline no longer works against it.

Whilst I don't know the character, as a noble you have some obvious angles:

'Purely human' (Primal Soul) makes a lot of sense... But not sure if this gives a great return for the character. Even with L 7&8 you are tied to 'superior physical' attributes. You'd benefit more by accessing more supernatural stuff... Though I do wonder if you could use this route to justify a third class bracket... Which might be of interest? (Priest, path + MC psionics then get another bracket as L8 MR... But other than to be the ultimate Carlo character... So what?)

You could use the power of your blood to either buff spirits - drawing on the nagrecth for Imperial and Primal stuff (extra casting levels, more spirits, maybe Imperial Shaman?) this is good multi class territory

Glass: I wonder whether you can explore the Primal Spirit type route to take on an Aspect of the Deity. The obvious side of this as a MR would be to work towards Spirit only hits. The more interesting stuff is 'channelling the power of Glass' - banishing non Primals, VoP effects to Primals, and 'war haft of the host' (see Evolution) command over Imperial types. Look into the idea of 'shaping the beliefs of the peons' (see background books) for alter reality type abilities.

Hopefully helpful?


I've found Glass to be tricky because unlike most faiths it doesn't have a deity, and you need to distinguish it from Empress-Goddess. I suspect that's why there's not many of them around, although that does mean everyone seems to have their own cool take on it which is good.

If you can PM me your email address I'll send you the Glassian res ritual that Stuart wrote, and I'll bring down the Glass-specific res and ROTBG style miracles I've got. Stuart is probably the person to talk to about Church stuff though as he is High Priest (I'd grab some money off him for scriptures while you're at it smile.gif)

I have loads of NN Priest of Glass stuff based on being a noble - all about manipulating the flow of spiritual power from the Nagrech regardles of its "flavour" - but that was before the "Church of Glass" as it exists now which precludes casting evil, so I can't join.

Happy to bring down on Sun when I'm desking if your interested?

Maybe something along the lines of being more attuned to the Nagrech's flow of power, getting you more med rate, some deny powers, planeshifts, count as being on primus at all times granting immunity to environmental effects of other planes, maybe even some sort of "treat divine damage as regular damage" thing if you're so inclined.
Thanks everyone, lots of ideas, lots to think about!
Still very undecided, but that me generally smile.gif
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