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Please have a look at the below provide feedback. Is this to powerful?
Class: Pure Priest

Guardian Archangel

1st level.
DIscerns as Angelkind,
Immune to flesh and blood effects as per Angel,
Requires white make-up and gold lines,
May Mark Goodly or Neutral Party members with a mark ally they gain +6/2 dungeon temp life if the allied person attacks me they fall unconcious for 5 minutes which is unstoppable by any means. verbal "Let the Angelic Guardians watch overthee".
Somatic gesture: hold persons hand.

2nd level.
Gains 1/2 levels Walk on light spiritual for 5 minutes (__/__)

3rd level.
Gains walk through walls 1/3 levels for 5 minutes (__/__)

4th level.
Guardian Angel - Gains a Additional Embody Minor Angel innate per day (2 Total)

Guardian - Gains 1/2 levels take killing blow for marked allies which I may apply my resistances too (__/__)

5th level.
Resilient Angel - 1/day for 5 minutes gains 6 spirtual only tblp live to minus and may not have any locations reduced below 0 or severed whilst unconcious. This Ability maybe activated whilst unconcious. (__/__)

Marked Ally now gains +1 Stacking SAC

6th level.
Angelic Shielding - Gains a permanent Spirit Shield 18 tblp this replenishes 6 tblp per 5minutes - This Shield is only active when I'm Concious.

Post 6th: May only gain mana from Pathing.

Looks fine but take Killing blow is nearly always at the otherwiser persons resistance or yours whichever are worse so that will get you Killed a lot!!
Thanks Ryan, was wondering about the whole paying points to die ability lol
I fee like you need some sort of downside if one of the allies you're meant to be guarding dies, and the falling unconscious thing is a bit too hard and a bit sideways from the original idea. You're not an angel of not-getting-betrayed. Thematicallty the people you're guarding should be able to quite happily betray you, but you should suffer if you betray them. Some penalty for them dying also stops it being free candy to throw at every NPC as a sort of "discern enemy".


As per mark ally
Allies gain +6/2 temp life which vanishes if they cause deliberate damage to you
You gain kin with marked allies
You gain +3/1 temp life per marked ally to a max of +3/1 per level of the MR which becomes a -3/1 if an ally dies, which goes away if they are ressed but that ally but doesn't grant bonuses for the rest of the day.
If you cause direct OR deliberate damage an ally you fall unconscious for 5 minutes
24 hour duration
Buy one of the two published angels L1-L6 then write a non standard L7&8 - it will be worth it

QUOTE(Rob @ Feb 7 2014, 09:49 PM) *
Buy one of the two published angels L1-L6 then write a non standard L7&8 - it will be worth it


Thanks Leo that's useful input.

Hi Rob, Agreed that was the other idea I had was to go Angel of Mercy but I have been struggling thinking of level 7 and level 8 abilities for it.
I dont think you have too much that actually works on guarding allies, beyond the take killing blow. Id consider a few ways to save lives, outside of take killing blow in their - they'd probably be cheaper as well. For example, Ive got the ability to carry people while I shift from my guardian angel race - its pretty cheap points wise, but does cost me a few more spirits. Maybe some snap or ranged casts on allies would be appropriate as well.

Peter Long
The Mark Ally could include a Bless of +6/2 life which is reversed if the ally commits an evil act but is irremovable while the ally is marked (cf. Paladin's Bless).

How about first time each day each ally is reduced to below 12 TBLP (but not killed) you instantly automatically snap cast ranged Total Heal on them for X spirits (and X life unless you have the relevant no casting damage ability)... you have no choice in this, it happens even if you are unconscious, and the casting cost may kill you. Just an idea.
Maybe throw in a rock hard 7th and 8th for one of the standard angels, then make "guardian angel" into an MC off the back of it. You might get a bit more out of it if you spread it over 8 levels rather than 6, with 2 being in the prime position of post-standard MR.

Maybe slap in a load of live to minus that only works for take killing blow.
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